The new live-streaming feature of Covert Alert, as well as a plethora of new features are available for use in an Emergency Situation, for the first time ever on iOS and Android.

Indianapolis, Indiana, November 9, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE  –  Covert Alert, the first Hands Free, voice activated safety app available on a mass market scale, has just announced a new line of features to help improve your ability to stay safe, no matter what kind of threat may be lurking around the corner. Covert Alert, once activated, has the ability to perform a plethora of tasks all at the same time in order to better improve your odds of surviving a fatal attack or emergency situation. Seldom do you have the use of your hands to activate an alert in an emergency, and with this app, family and friends may be notified simply stating your keywords. Covert Alert supports both Android and iPhone devices, and is available for each of their latest versions.

A variety of the features provided by the latest update to Covert Alert include sending out real time alerts to all of your emergency contacts, providing emergency contacts with GPS tracking of your exact location, and now with a $19.99 annual fee, users can include a live-streaming audio option, that will provide real-time audio streaming for all of their emergency contacts when an alert is sent out. This live-streaming feature will revolutionize the safety app market, and gives users the ability to let their closest friends and family know exactly what is happening when an alert is sent out.

With all that has been going on this past year, Lucrative Innovations’ development team has gone above and beyond with programming and design to make their latest update to the application truly stand out. The main goal of this update is to make the app run more smoothly on all devices, bring an all new look and feel to the way it performs, and overall, save more lives and keep people more closely connected. Through the latest UI upgrades and the all new live-streaming feature, the team’s goal has been achieved.

“Live-streaming of an emergency event in your life is game-changing says Covert Alert’s CEO, Craig Bracken, “But it’s something I’ve wanted to bring to the application for years. It’s an absolute necessity to help identify what is happening in an emergency”. Craig Bracken has been working with the team diligently and improving this product over the past five years. “I wanted to provide this new feature at an affordable price, as well as bring a new look and energy to the product” explained Bracken, “we are doing everything we can to make security beyond the door!”

Craig Bracken
Lucrative Innovations, Inc.
[email protected]