Berlin, Germany, 29th Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The developers of crypto startup EnviDa, which is creating a network of mining devices with attached pollution-tracking equipment, have announced the launch of their own blockchain by the end of 2022.

EnviDa is a German crypto startup that aims to build a blockchain-based ecosystem to collect up-to-date data on the state and pollution of the environment, using mining devices mounted on electric cars and hybrid electric vehicles.

To achieve this, EnviDa uses its patented DriveMining technology, which uses the energy produced by the vehicle to mine the project’s token, EDAT. As a result, passenger transport or transportation companies around the world become mobile data collectors, earning additional passive income by mining cryptocurrencies while transmitting data from various measurement systems to the EnviDa network.

The miner collects environmental information, the data is verified, validated by PoW and written to the blockchain. Miners are then rewarded in EDAT tokens,

This network is decentralized – resulting in all DriveMining miners working independently of each other. As the number of miners increases, the statistical security of the measured values increases, so that the failure of individual devices does not affect the entire data network. Also, thanks to the blockchain, the data cannot be tampered with or altered – thus, it is valuable environmental information for eco-organizations.

At this stage, the platform’s token, EDAT, is based on Polygon, but the EnviDa team recently announced that EnviDa’s own blockchain will be launched by the end of 2022, and all mining devices will be migrated to it. This way, this ecosystem will become even more independent and decentralized.

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