Bithumb Global, one of the major cryptocurrencies exchanges in the world, announces listing of PLATINCOIN (PLC).

PLATINCOIN is the world’s first cryptocurrency designed for creating passive income and various sources of cash flow, as well as mass use as a payment instrument, and for trading in international exchanges.

Thanks to minting, a form of coin mining via special software “Power MINTER”, that connects smartphones to the blockchain, anyone can receive a stable 30% yield per year. At the same time, the company gives a 3-year 100% guarantee of the Power MINTER equipment cost refund.

PLATINCOIN’s infrastructure also includes mining mini-computer PLC Secure Box, ATM cryptomats to exchange PLC into fiat, PoS-terminals, online marketplace, payment system and fiat-crypto exchanger.

“One of the main objectives for PLATINCOIN in 2020 is to grow our community to 5 million people. And one of the steps towards achieving this goal is our entry and reinforcement on the Asian market,” shared PLATINCOIN’s representative.


PLATINCOIN is a large cryptocurrency ecosystem with 500,000 users worldwide. The company’s ecosystem includes more than 10 high-tech products and services. In April 2019, PLC Group AG and the Swedish terminal manufacturing company Cyclebit entered into a strategic partnership agreement, according to which 200,000 outlets equipped with Cyclebit payment terminals will accept the company’s coin as a means of payment.

About Bithumb

Bithumb Global is the worldwide arm of Bithumb Korea, which is one of the top exchanges on the planet, with a collective transaction volume surpassing one trillion U.S. dollars. Bithumb Global is intended to encourage every worldwide client to trade, participate, and contribute to the digital ecosystem effortlessly. Bithumb is a digital economic platform and financial ecosystem, comprising of people, organizations, and enterprises in both the traditional finance and blockchain industry. It is developing a blockchain ecosystem with partners from around the globe, including three cryptocurrency exchanges, STO, cryptocurrency storages, and investments.