Cryptonians Club Lists on Unicrypt Ahead of March 16th Presale

Singapore, March 9 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Cryptonians Club, a decentralized community DAO, are delighted to announce they have officially listed their project on Unicrypt for a presale scheduled for March 16, 2022. The project aims to build a strong community of Unicrypt devotees that supports the growth of UNCL and CYPT, the native tokens of the ecosystem.

Participants in the fundraiser event will have an opportunity to buy and hold $CRYPT, the governance token of the Cryptonian Club DAO. They can then join the Uncryptonian Club to invest and earn passive income on the latest 1000x project running on UNICRYPT LAUNCHPAD.

Early bird investors in the decentralized investment fund will have access to 55% of the total 1 billion $CYPT supply during the upcoming fundraiser event. Members of the Club will enjoy multiple benefits, including automatic LPs and reflection static rewards. 

Crypto proponents can also HODL their $CYPT to join private groups or stake $CYPT to earn weekly free airdrops. 

The Cryptonian project’s objective is to promote the Unicrypt ecosystem by galvanizing members to join Gold, Platinum, and Diamond clubs to support upcoming blockchain ventures. 

The decentralized community welcomes UNLC maximalists and Unicrypt devotees who will leverage their collective power to protect Unicrypt and multiply their portfolio up to 1000x.

Cryptonians play an essential role in helping more blockchain projects launch on Unicrypt by boosting the Launchpad’s social presence across multiple platforms. They also invite potential investors to jump on the Unicrypt train via elaborate marketing campaigns on social media sites like Youtube and Tiktok. 

Users also empower Unicrypt projects to spread globally via AMAs, interviews, news articles, and more. The pioneering DAO on Unicrypt rewards active members for their efforts with auto reflection rewards, meme bounties, airdrops, and other benefits based on two levels of participation.

$CRYPT tokens holders with 5M+ UNCT can access a private Telegram group sharing lucrative IDO slots in which the BSC Army has a vested interest. These crypto market participants also enjoy access to exclusive IDO campaigns, meme bounty programs, winning trading strategies, and much more. 

Meanwhile, Cryptonians holding 10M+ $CYPT and UNCT get access to a private group that offers exclusive info on seed, and private round slots of ILO projects that the Cryptonians Club is investing in.

About the Cryptonian Project

The Cryptonians Club aims to spark a new revolution in blockchain technology by bringing together crypto proponents passionate about UNCX, UNCL, and Unicrypt. The project allows users to join an exclusive club to support the Unicrypt ecosystem and earn 10% rewards in UNCL. 

The platform boasts a robust Chinese community and is adding many other members from across the world. The $CYPT token developers have submitted their code for a comprehensive audit and KYC process by leading blockchain security provider Solidproof. 

The project backers also plan to renounce ownership of the contract after launch, creating a thriving DAO with unprecedented growth and security. To connect with the vibrant Cryptonian community of Unicrypt supporters and keep up with the latest developments, visit the social pages below:

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Media Contact:

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Published On: March 9, 2022