Singapore, 13th Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – The online storage industry has seen many innovations in the last few years such as more cloud-based storage emerging from the market, notably in our daily life using Google Cloud and iCloud. Cloud-based storage today is mostly centralized and privacy issues may arise. Storage providers such as Filecoin started their ideation to bring storage on a decentralized level. Even better, blockchain technology is catching up with the industry as new decentralized platforms enter the market with more value-added services.

In that, comes DeCloud, a pioneer in decentralized resources sharing in an open marketplace with an emphasis on privacy, and is proud to announce its platform!

DeCloud Services

DeCloud’s 4 main services includes GPU, CPU rental, outsourced storage, time-released data capsule, and Software as a Service. The main highlight is on the decentralized GPU, CPU, and storage sharing, as these 3 components are made up of our everyday needs.

DeCloud ecosystem operates on a P2P paradigm and to be a host of inter-dependent and interactive services built on the DeCloud platform. DeCloud collects its service fee and commissions, and revenue from offering advertisements on DeCloud platform in DeCloud Token (DCT).

The Brainchild

Professor Edward Dang, Chief Technology Officer at DeCloud, also the brainchild of this DeCloud architecture, sees the future of cloud computing to go mainstream, and the days of owning an expensive computer to use for work, study, and play will not be necessary anymore.

All you need is a simple computer with access to the resources you need to carry out intensive computing power such as playing the latest games or rendering your next video.

The vision ahead

DeCloud strongly believes in community building and is poised as the next unicorn startup, they do not seek to do any early-stage funding such as Series A, B, C. Anyone can be an early investor, the shareholder of DeCloud through the DeCloud Ambassador Program, where funds are being raised from the program to carry out the expansion of the business while DeCloud Token (DCT) will be airdropped to these Ambassadors as a form of ownership of the startup.

This unique fund-raising and community-building model is designed by Wayne Huang, Chief Strategy Officer of DeCloud. He believes in a decentralized world; everyone has the rights and access to novelty projects investments such as DeCloud Ambassador Program.

The need for decentralized cloud computing with strong privacy is the forthcoming trend in the technology atmosphere, as DeCloud adds more features and scales the ecosystem from retail to institutional levels.

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