Africa-focused incubator and launchpad gives investors access to cutting edge innovation

Lagos, Nigeria, 9th Jan 2021, ZEXPRWIREDeftify has launched the first Africa-focused launchpad and incubator, offering crypto developers on the continent support and simultaneously giving investors access to promising projects. In addition, the platform’s diverse index funds and integrated portfolio management tools give investors an edge not available on launchpads.

While Africa is home to the fastest growing crypto trading sector in the world. In fact, crypto adoption grew by 1200% between June 2020 and June 2021. Be that as it may, the crypto market on the continent is still untapped. Deftify aims to change that by providing infrastructure and a launchpad for African startups that have a massive talent pool but lack sufficient support.

“Most launchpads are remotely managed and the developers don’t tap into the real talent pool by connecting with crypto developers one-on-one,” says Deftify co-founder Ruddy Gunawan. “We’ve built our network by attending the same conferences and events that these crypto developers go to. We believe we can have a first mover advantage by focusing on Africa as a region and then expanding our reach to include other emerging markets.”

Deftify’s decentralized private launchpad was built specifically to help blockchain projects from Africa to realize their potential and achieve growth. The Deftify team has integrated an incubator into the launchpad to make it easier for blockchain developers to attract social, financial and technical value to emerging regions across the globe. Moreover, Deftify’s diverse index funds and integrated portfolio management tools give investors an edge not available on other launchpads.

Deftify has built a one-of-a kind ecosystem with a market data aggregator, index fund, metaverse game, and Africa-focused launchpad, all in one place. While other ecosystems specialize in only one of these elements, Deftify has mastered all of them and incorporated them into a game changing ecosystem. Each aspect of the ecosystem contributes to the team’s mission to grow the ecosystem, promote widespread crypto adoption and support promising blockchain projects in emerging economies.

The Deftify offerings are connected by the powerful native token – DFTY. The DFTY token is designed to enhance the Deftify experience as a whole. As the currency that runs transactions in Deftify, DFTY is a valuable ticket to premium features when staked. By staking DFTY tokens, users can also create their own NFT characters in the metaverse game. Playing the game allows token holders to battle other players, level up and earn rewards.

Deftify was built on three key features – TRADE, PLAY and BUIDL. The platform is transforming the African crypto industry by helping crypto developers to access the funds they need to launch their projects successfully. Beyond that, the Deftify ecosystem is designed to connect these crypto developers with the best advisory minds in the space.

About Deftify

Deftify is a multi-purpose DeFi and NFT ecosystem that boasts the world’s first Africa-focused crypto incubator and launchpad offering investors private-round access to cutting-edge innovation. By combining these services with a market data aggregator, an index fund and a metaverse game, Deftify is supporting promising blockchain projects in emerging countries.

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