Donna Page Launched A Complete Program For The Well-Being of Body and The Mind, Donna Page Method

A certified Body Barre instructor launches a holistic health program that assists people in cultivating physical fitness and inner well-being. I help people adopt a healthier lifestyle and achieve physical and physiological balance.

NY, US, 8th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, My path has taken shape over the years. Getting in touch with what we really feel, with our profound vocation, going beyond the education and training we have received, is a long and not always easy journey. After graduating in Business Administration and my arrival in Monte Carlo, I began to feel that what really interested me was well-being.

A big inspiration of mine was Tracy Anderson, the fitness coach of the stars. I met her closely, I followed many of her courses in New York and she taught me a lot. I owe her a lot. Thanks to her, I understood the importance of having a method. Yep, the method. But what was mine? I was fine, physically and spiritually. I was in perfect shape, and I felt at peace with myself. But what was the recipe? And how could I pass it on to others?

In Monte Carlo, among the small hidden pearls of this incredible place, there is a small Japanese garden. I often go there in the morning to the opening, when there is hardly anyone. I love the small pier above the pond and all that well-kept green, it gives me a sense of inner peace. One morning I was there, it was a windy day and full of gray clouds, but I also like it that way. At one point I saw a seagull, its wings were motionless, they barely vibrated and only moved its head, yet it was up there, suspended, playing with the wind. It seemed perfectly balanced. Here, that morning I had an epiphany. Balance. This is the concept I was looking for. Balance is everything and it is in everything when it comes to wellbeing. Balance is in a diet, it is in a position of the body, it is in the harmony of a movement. Balance is also between body and spirit, between what is inside and outside surrounding us, the yin and yang. 

Here: I would have made balance the cornerstone of a true and complete wellness program. My program.

First: the workouts. I used my experience as an instructor and I studied them to activate the microvasculature and take care of the center of gravity and the position, as she taught me to do Pilates; all to the sound of music, a bit like the Dance Barre, to make the exercises more dynamic and fun. Then come the tips for correct nutrition, discovering the principles of a healthy diet and the foods to avoid. Finally, the most important thing: individual work to fine-tune the wellness program best suited to the “body chemistry” and individual goals.

This is how Donna Page Method, my method, was born. A truly holistic health program, which – in addition to cultivating physical fitness and inner well-being – teaches you to get in touch with yourself, to rediscover the energy and confidence that are within us, to seek and maintain the perfect balance of our being. Just like a seagull.

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Published On: February 8, 2022