Dubai, UAE, 1st Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Time and again universities have preferred students who have graduated from IB Diploma Programmes. They are accepted at a 22% higher rate and achieve higher GPAs in general, and the academic rigor of the IB casts them in a favorable light and some universities even provide additional credits for IB subjects. 

This preference is quite important given the universal sentiment of admissions officers about secondary students and their readiness for the university. Studies have revealed that sixth formers are not as ready as IB Diploma students for moving from school to university.

Admissions officers believe that students of boards apart from IB are insufficiently prepared with independent thinking skills, as well as poor time management skills. Dr. Anil Khare, Director for Education and Admission Counselling at his own firm says “You cannot rely on Google for life. Education today is not only gathering knowledge but showing how it can be applied. We need to include creative and critical thinking, enhancing decision-making, problem solving, and communication skills.”

Other crucial qualities include curious minds, positive and enthusiastic attitudes toward learning, and strong collaborative abilities, all of which are addressed in the IB’s educational principles. 

Ms. Mini Sharma, the Senior Counsellor working in close quarters with Dr. Anil believes that IB Diploma offers the most rigorous academic skills and it is all about balancing it right. She says “Universities enthusiastically recruit IB students. We have seen IB students readily embrace the challenges of university life and perform well in their respective programmes. The IB students stand out as mature, confident, and open-minded. Unique skills such as inquiry-based learning that are taught in IB are required for tertiary research studies at the universities.” 

The International Baccalaureate is the only curriculum that is specifically designed to educate students for the real world and the professional life, helping them to become global citizens and make important contributions to society. 

Academicians such as Dr. Anil understand and prioritize learning for IB students, he also recommends parents of other curriculums to move their children into the standardized IB curriculum. 

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