Dubai, UAE, 8th April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, For students who are passionate about an unestablished career path or who want to explore their vocation path further, an internship is a good way to get a head start. Whether you are a first-year student or a recent graduate, an internship can help in testing the waters and gaining practical experience in a given field before applying for a course or a full-time job. Interning within a good organization is good for gaining hands on working experience and for making sure that you are as passionate about a career path as you are when you are looking for a university placement. According to renowned admission counsellor Dr Anil Khare, an internship is also an excellent way of showing your university placement board that you are serious about a career in a given field.

What is an internship?

An internship is a work placement that a student goes on before they start a course or a full-time job. During an internship, a student will work under the supervision of a mentor in an organization or company and undertake a project of some kind. The internship can be a valuable opportunity for both students and organizations. Companies can benefit from the expertise and enthusiasm of a willing intern, while students can learn a great deal from working in an organization under the supervision of professionals.

Why take an internship?

There are numerous reasons why a student may choose to take an internship. Perhaps you are interested in a career path in a particular field, or you want to explore your vocation further before making a decision. Perhaps you want some experience of what working in an organization is like, or you want to explore some career options that you might not have considered before. An internship can be a great way of making new connections and learning about other opportunities that might be available to you after graduation. Additionally, Dr Anil Khare, the best career counsellor in the MENA region, stresses on enrolling in internships to improve your chances of getting into the top universities of the world.

How to secure a placement through an internship

The first thing to remember is that every internship is unique. What is expected of you will vary from organization to organization, and what you get out of the experience will also vary. It is important to research different internships that are available and find the one that best meets your needs. Look for internships that are run by top organizations that seem like a good fit, and that you think you can add value to.

Where to find internships?

There are numerous websites and resources that list internships. A good place to look is your local university or college careers office. They will often have information about available internships on offer. The Careers Centres at both Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities are also excellent resources to get information about available internships.

How to secure an internship placement

In order to secure an internship placement, you will need to make a lasting impression on the selection board. It is not sufficient to just get a placement on your internship application, you also need to show that you have the skills and the personality to make the internship placement decision a success.

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