Dover, Delaware, United States, December 11, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, Dreality has launched its web platform to let clients now book Homes, Yachts, Jet-Ski’s, Automobiles, Chauffeurs , Studio Time, Venues & more!

With services including Mobile Auto Detailing, Housekeeping, Private Chef’s, Photographers, Masseuses, Celebrities, DJ’s & more!

Dreality currently operates in Miami, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Birmingham, & a few other cities! We’ve checked out the Dreality platform and have seen everything from BMW’s to Lamborghini’s and even Bugatti’s! You can even book a night in the sky with a pent house or your own little oasis. Don’t feel like cooking? Book a private chef! It doesn’t get better then this!

On the other side, thank you to all the Dreality Host’s who are providing a great service , rental or accommodation! If you’re a Dreality host you can list all your rentals , services & accommodations all under one platform to manage your business!
Next time you’re out of town or even in town Dreality is the platform to turn your Dreams to Reality, client or host!

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