USA, October 21, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, Elitium is excited to announce the arrival of Mr. Shahal Khan as our new Business Strategy Advisor.

Shahal’s career spans more than twenty-five years in senior executive roles in telecoms, energy, natural resources, and government relations — but it’s his success in real estate that will prove so valuable for Elitium.

Mr. Khan has been directly responsible for the syndication of over $5 billion for businesses across the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. And his funding experience will supercharge Elitium Capital’s credibility right before launch.

There’s plenty to get excited about with Shahal. 

Here’s a quick rundown.

Background: Mr. Shahal Khan

  • Shahal was born in New York, attending American University and later, Johns Hopkins in Washington DC.
  • After his studies, he founded Global Voice Telecom, one of the first US companies to receive an FCC license for Voice over IP services.
  • He became CEO of Centile, a France-based software company before it was acquired by the European Development Bank in 2005. 
  • One year later, he co-founded Fortune Investment House, a tier-one bank in Bahrain with an authorized capital of $1 billion for use in real estate investments in Bahrain and the GCC.
  • In 2013, he co-founded Colt Resources Middle East (CRME), a mining and exploration company focused on developing world-class Copper, Lithium, and Gold mining resources in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • In 2015, he formed a consortium to bid for the Sahara Group’s hotel assets, including the Plaza Hotel in NYC and Grosvenor House, London.
  • To this day, he’s a Board Member of The Quimera Project, Chairman of Trinity White City Ventures, and Executive Chairman of GDS360.

The hotel tokenization vision Shahal and the Sahara Group have planned are still being paved. Now that Shahal is joining Elitium, the backbone of this vision strengthens and creates new realizations after facing tokenization obstacles brought to light from regulators. In 2017, none of this had been entirely clear for those looking to tokenize traditional assets in an illiquid market. Since then, the evolution of current markets and regulators adopting such technology can foreshadow the future tokenization of businesses to seem more likely. For adoption purposes, this alone provides attractive investment opportunities for those looking to diversify their portfolios between traditional and crypto assets. As these regulations become more clear, the combination of Shahal’s resources and Elitium’s technology opens the doors for a new age of investment.

Investing Should Be Easy and Secure  – Elitium Capital

Elitium Capital is the only digital shares platform that lets you invest in unique real estate, build a truly diversified portfolio, and become part-owner of luxury hotels and unique real estate opportunities. How does Elitium do it? Through a process called ‘Tokenization.’

Tokenization is creating digital shares that represent a real-world asset, like a hotel (a separate security token). For example, when Elitium creates a set amount of digital shares to represent (the fictional) Hotel Elitium, you have the ability to own a percentage of that hotel. This includes the exclusive benefits the hotel has to offer such future membership models for EUM holders, discounts, upgrades and faculty access, and more depending on the partner.

…meaning you get to invest in multi-million-dollar real estate without writing million-dollar cheques, then enjoy benefits like quarterly dividends, capital growth, a truly diversified investment portfolio — with a few complimentary nights, events and parties, thrown in.

Stocks and shares limit you to investing in public companies. Elitium’s platform helps handpick real-world assets for you to trade as you want — making it easy for you to build a truly diversified portfolio.

Elitium Capital is made for investors who seek investment opportunities of the new economy, while keeping all the perks of traditional trading and investing.

What Shahal’s Arrival Means For Elitium Capital

But his arrival brings more than cross-industry expertise. He will unlock unprecedented access to not only an investor network, but a chain of hotels and other world-class assets that will lift Elitium Capital to new heights.

His addition to the team will help the business aggregate all products together in an effective manner. With the upcoming platform development, Elitium will offer an all-in-one solution for wealth management services, incentivized staking opportunities with EUM, and a robust platform for you to spend and earn gold alongside other traditional assets. Shahal will play a major role in assisting the business accelerate to a much larger audience with an array of new opportunities as the world continues to prosper digitally.

A very warm welcome to Elitium, Shahal.