They say that “Behind every great man there is a great woman”, but what’s behind every great woman?

This was the motto behind an inspirational and heart-warming campaign done to celebrate not only Mother’s Day but also Women’s day this year. The month of March was indeed a celebration of the women in our lives.

“The women behind” is the brain child of “Imajin8 Creative Media” agency, which has been operating in Lebanon for 1 year now and already are making their mark in the creative industry with the various campaigns they created. Their presence was especially noted with the launch of this campaign, which not only captured the hearts of those watching, but got them talking.

Featuring 15 inspiring Lebanese women each telling their own story, the video speaks of their struggles, sacrifices and challenges as entrepreneurs, business owners, or simply dreamers. Sharing their unforgettable moments, the campaign sheds light on their journey to becoming who they are today. The campaign invites you to meet these strong women in society, join them on their path through life, and even relate to their experiences. They may look like delicate flowers but don’t let it fool you, they’re tough as nails.

Emotional campaign recognizing the power of inspirational women in Lebanon.
Emotional campaign recognizing the power of inspirational women in Lebanon.

How did they make it? Who supported them? What molded them into leaders of their community?

A woman alone has power, yet a sisterhood of women has an impact that can change the world. When women support each other, they raise each other up with passion, drive and hope.

When a woman stands behind another woman, there is nothing they cannot achieve. Now look at the mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends around you. Do you realize how bold and beautiful they are? They are the heart and soul of this life. Now go tell them how much you love them and thank them for being there, for having your back.

Mothers of the world, thank you. Women of the world, thank you.

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