New York, United States, Oct 15, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, Empire State Cricket LLC, a project by Hiren Chauhan, acquires Empire State Titans as the only minor league team in the State of NY. Empire State Titans are an excellent opportunity for youth in the paradigm of League Cricket in the USA.

Empire State Titans are associated with ICC governed website representing American cricket. Hiren Chauhan as the Team owner and management aims that Empire State Titans must portray the best sporting practices and cricketing skills. The team management is devoting all their energies to making New York proud as a home ground.

Empire State Titans is a perfect example of diversity in skills and ethnicity, representing the essence of New York as a city. Professional cricketers from all around the world are welcome to the Empire State Titans. However, the elements of dedication, loyalty, talent, and teamwork are the team management’s significant expectations

The core idea behind Hiren Chauhan’s team Empire State Titans, was to provide a healthy direction for the youngsters to channel their energies. As a Managing Director and Partner, Cyber Consulting Inc., Hiren Chauhan is sharing the essence of his 25-year experience with society. He supports and mentors many young entrepreneurs towards lucrative success and personal growth.

Darlington, Steve Massiah, and Kerk Higgins are also part of the management that keeps all the training and matches in line. Empire State Titans is a squad of players that work together effectively despite their ethnic differences.

Hiren Chauhan, the owner of Empire State Titans, has various projects and successful business ventures at his credit. He is a technical expert in different advanced areas such as cloud technology, big data, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and much more. Hiren’s consulting firm has perfect work relationships with Merrill Lynch, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America. He also collaborates with government agencies from India and the USA to serve both communities better. 

Empire State Cricket LLC has a stern focus on developing opportunities for positive community growth and practical solutions. They have worked tirelessly to acquire the only minor league team in the State of NY: Empire State Titans. They also have a remarkable association with the Eastern Conference of the Minor League Cricket. The whole project works in partnership with USA Cricket and American Cricket Enterprises (ACE).

“The Minor League team for NY state, is an initiative towards helping young cricketers to develop their skills in a professional environment,” commented Hiren Chauhan, founder of Empire State Cricket LLC.” The passion for cricket is growing in America, and the Empire State Titans is an excellent platform for talent to acquire a purpose. We ensure to provide proper training and professional support to our players as well as help them to develop a winning attitude.”

Hiren Chauhan began his journey and passion for cricket progression in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. The team known as Empire State Titans include players from different ethnic backgrounds to achieve American cricket advancement. Empire State Titans offer professional cricket training opportunities, get through to various cricket tournaments, and organize national cricket tours.

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