Endblock: A Revolutionary Reverse Betting System Empowers Players to Win Big

Experience Gambling without the Gamble: No House Edge, Just Jackpots!

NY, US, 6th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Introducing Endblock.io, a revolutionary collective reverse betting system set to revolutionize the decentralized Gambling and DeFi industry (Gambfi). Simplicity meets sophistication in this world’s first reverse crypto betting game, where getting started is as easy as hitting a button on a website. At the same time, the game offers a rich nuance for players who wish to maneuver and strategize. Even if a player does not win the primary jackpot, they will still unlock an extravaganza of bonuses: free tokens, pool rewards, and more lotteries like the Mega Jackpot!

Endblock is set to raise the curtains and reveal the world’s first truly decentralized and 100% on-blockchain Gambfi system in the first week of February this year. 

Endblock.io: Sophistication in Simplicity

Endblock’s jackpots are incredibly straightforward. All a user needs is to connect their wallet, hit the “Reset Blocks” button, and wait for the block counter to reach zero. The last person to reset the block wins the entire jackpot if no one else resets it before the jackpot block counter gets to zero. Moreover, if the “blocks until lottery” counter hits zero and no one wins the jackpot, the prize is distributed through the lottery and pools. 

Players can further up their game by timing their block resets strategically and earning additional rewards through pools and lotteries. Each time a user “Reset Blocks,” it also mints END token, which can be used to burn it to earn BNB (or any other crypto the protocol uses) or reset blocks, drastically reducing the supply and increasing the benefits of the pools.

Endblock’s social aspect adds yet another layer of nuance to the experience by allowing players to collaborate, strategize and refer friends to unlock a 5% affiliate reward from all the resets they do on the platform. There’s a dedicated dashboard to facilitate referrals on Endblock’s website. 

Gambling without the Gamble

Endblock is revolutionizing the gambling finance ecosystem with its unique ability to reward ALL players! Not only do all bettors get a free entry into another lottery, but they also receive END tokens—Endblock’s premier token that unlocks a variety of advantages. 

Collectively, these mechanics enable a dual-pronged strategy where END tokens are burned through Mega Jackpots and locked through pool incentives—turning END into a powerful deflationary token that will continue to expand its repertoire of utilities over time. 

Bulletproof Security with True Decentralization

Unlike competing projects, Endblock is the world’s first reverse betting system wholly powered by blockchain technology’s power. 

The user’s funds go directly into their wallets, from where everything is handled exclusively through automated and publicly-reviewable smart contracts. In doing so, Endblock has made itself secure and tamper-resistant—just as decentralized applications were meant to be. 

While little is known about the creators, one thing is for sure: decentralization is a core guiding principle of their philosophy. 

Instead of building up their personal brand by seizing control and credit for this project, they have released a set of genuinely decentralized endpoints that operate independently through the power of blockchain. 

In that sense, Endblock is highly inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto’s release of Bitcoin. The creators believe that for Endblock to truly challenge the status quo and disrupt the gambling finance industry, it must be able to stand on its own legs without any entities pulling the strings from behind the curtains. 

Although the world may never meet the minds behind this innovative project, proponents of decentralization will likely hail this as a monumental step in the right direction. 

About EndBlock

EndBlock.io is a pioneering collective reverse betting system that is set to revolutionize the gambling finance industry with its launch in the first week of February. It’s the world’s first wholly-autonomous and truly-decentralized betting system, with a simple interface, nuanced gameplay, and multiple layers of rewards for its players. 

While the origins of this revolutionary system are shrouded in mystery, its operations are 100% transparent on blockchain and remarkably tuned in favor of the players.

For more information, visit www.endblock.io

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Telegram: https://t.me/EndBlockOfficial

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Rose Jen

Published On: February 6, 2023