Englander Davis Is Proudly Sponsoring the 7 News Young Achievers Awards

Englander Davis continues to support growth and innovation in the online space.

Sunshine Coast, QLD, 17th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Englander Davis is a global digital marketing company, with a head office located on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Englander Davis uses innovative and creative ideas to market businesses online, helping people completely transform their online brand and grow dramatically.

The internet is constantly changing, so it takes a special kind of grit and creativity to continually provide results for their clients online.

Englander Davis is an active member of their local communities, and believes in helping to lift other businesses and young entrepreneurs up.

To show their support, Englander Davis is sponsoring the QLD 7 News Young Achievers Awards for the 2nd year in a row.

Kirsty Englander, founder and head of growth at Englander Davis says she is sponsoring the awards because she is a big believer in supporting the youth of tomorrow, and giving them an opportunity to be recognised and showcase their talent and hardwork.

“In today’s society you would think being seen and heard is easier than ever, you would think that with all the technology and online platforms that business is easy to do.” She says,

“But in actual fact we are known as the loneliness era.

“These awards allow the world to see the young people for what they are doing rather than just another trend on tik-tok.

“You have to work a little differently to be recognised for an award and then get through to the finals and then win it.

“Being in digital marketing I love the internet and when you know how to utilise it then it’s a powerful tool, but sometimes the younger generation need a way to showcase how unique and innovative they are.

“They need to stand out from the crowd, which requires them to stand-up and stand for what they believe in and what they do.”
Kirsty will be partaking in the judging of the awards in February, and looks forward to learning and being inspired by all of the young achievers.

The aim of the Englander Davis Online Achievement Award is to recognise a Queensland young achiever who demonstrates success in the online space, and conveys characteristics important to the industry such as creativity, innovation, agility and a keen interest in the online landscape.

Englander Davis continues to nurture the talent and tenacity that it takes to flourish in the digital world, and looks forward to continuing to drive results to their clients.

About Englander Davis: Englander Davis is a global digital marketing company based on the Sunshine Coast, offering their services worldwide. They aim to help get businesses found, whether that is on social media, google or any other vague window of the internet. Their services range from social media, web development, branding, SEO, ADs, and everything in between.

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Published On: February 17, 2022