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Shanghai, China, 10 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, This article has been compiled to introduce the Enrex project and its mission, advantages and structure. Happy reading!

Enrex — DeFi gateway to multi-billion dollar carbon allowances and renewable energy certificates markets.


Everybody seems to gather under the flag of greenwashing the crypto tech. And the goals set by Crypto Climate Accord seeks 100% transition of all blockchains to renewable energy by 2030, or even sooner. If achieved, those goals would solve a very real problem. Bitcoin alone has roughly the same carbon footprint annually as Hong Kong, and Ethereum’s annual carbon emissions reach the levels of Lithuania’s. Their climate pollution is growing even as scientific research warns that global emissions need to be cut almost in half during the upcoming decade to avoid the worst possible effects of climate change.

Enrex solution

This is the global overview of the main problem. Now, for more specific problems that Enrex are searching and delivering the answers for, Enrex summarises its accepted bullet points:

  • Provide a venue to offset via the CO2 allowances or transitioning your energy to a renewable directly by using cryptocurrency technology;
  • Enable a platform to launch ICOs, IEOs and IDOs which are CO2 neutral;
  • Make cryptocurrency transactions and mining CO2 neutral;
  • Find a way for sustainable companies and institutions to operate cryptocurrencies without environmental impact (accepting/trading/investing);
  • Ability to buy and invest in CO2 allowances and renewable energy certificates with cryptocurrency — Enrex’s very own token.

$ENRX Token

Token quantity

  • 3,300,000,000.

Token sale

  • Private round 1,200,000,000 ($ 0.0045) / Public sale 300,000,000 ($ 0.007).

Token parts

  • Staking and community rewards: 18.2% / TGE (2%);
  • Liquidity: 6.1% / TGE (6.1%);
  • Team: 18.2%, vesting 12 months;
  • Marketing / Listing: 6.1%, VESTING 1 month;
  • Advisors: 6.1%, vesting 12 months.

Now, let us take a look at the main uses that Enrex token provides:

  • Staking — the process of staking stats by buying a certain amount of $ENRX tokens within the Enrex ecosystem. Staking can only be done with the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, and that is provided by the Solana Network blockchain. After a purchase is completed, the user now has to lock the holdings by following the procedures indicated by the developers of the particula network. Staking awards users rewards for doing so in the form of various incentives; Staking will be as much simplified as possible so that users could see the energy-sustainable added value gained from the crypto process for the world;
  • The Currency of the Ecosystem — with the $ENRX token you can buy and/or invest into the offsetting financial instruments, such as CO2 allowances and renewable energy certificates (RECs);
  • Governance — possible governance methods through user voting are to be announced at the later stages of the project development.

Fees generated from the use of Enrex products shall be collected in $ENRX tokens. The fees will be distributed in the following fashion:

  • 60% of the fees will be dropped to the staking pool;
  • 15% of the fees will be consigned to the Enrex treasury. Treasury acts as funds for future product development, as well as providing liquidity;
  • 25% of the fees will be up for burn every week. Once 45% of full $ENRX supply is burned, 75% of the fees shall be distributed to the staking pool, and the leftover 25% — to the Enrex treasury.


Finally, the main mission of Enrex is to make Bitcoin green! Participation in CO2 allowances and renewable energy certificates (RECs) market hassle-free and making cryptocurrency green with a guarantee!

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Published On: September 10, 2021