Data and AI scientists at Eon Labs Ltd has been delivering real-world AI solution to help improve trading results and insights for clients in a measurable way

Vancouver, Canada, 2nd Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Eon Labs management team announced its social media initiative to promote its flagship AI-based electronic trading platform Enigma that uses the computational power of deep learning in its pursuit of improved trading results and insights for clients.

“Enigma demonstrates our long-term commitment to using next-generation AI technology to deliver innovative solutions for our clients,” stated Eon Labs CBO Victor Hogrefe. “Enigma is the product of a joint effort including data and AI experts, and our machine learning service providers and partners, such as Amazon Web Services and NVIDIA. Enigma is only getting started, but we see a lot of opportunity to increase its capabilities and redefine execution while staying loyal to its client-centric base.”

“It’s been years in the pursuit of a sustainable and profitable product, through comprehensive research on quantitative trading, contextualized data engineering, iterative model fine-tuning, and real-world testing, we are finally ready to seek a wider audience,” Dr. May Wang, Staff Data Scientist at Eon Labs said. “Together, we are putting our responsible AI principles into practice for our clients while continuing our research towards the latest findings in AI technology.”

The Enigma platform has demonstrated its capacity to handle the hurdles of fluid and dynamic market circumstances in real-time, eliminating the requirement for manual data re-training in traditional trading algorithms. The Enigma platform is able to execute trading decisions based on live market data, dynamically adjust to new information, and learn from each of its previous actions by utilising hundreds of pre-programmed representations of market data and feature inputs.

“The market volatility we saw during COVID-19 has been a testament for Enigma,” remarked Chen Li, Founder and CEO of Eon Labs Ltd. “Enigma was able to identify and react to market fluctuations, allowing it to maintain optimal performance. The Enigma platform is part of our aim to be one of the world’s finest at unlocking the potential of Artificial Intelligence and delivering those insights to our clients in a measured manner.”

The Enigma platform is currently available to Eon Labs clients.


Eon Labs is an artificial intelligence and digital finance research company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Their research and analysis focus on fintech and emerging digital currency markets and provide actionable insights and proprietary software tools to help fund managers to identify market opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimize their investment returns. With hundreds of thousands financial trading models generated through machine learning algorithms in the last few years, Eon Lab has dozens of active and robust strategies capturing market insights from liquid instruments in the most popular crypto exchanges around the world.Their 30-day trading volume of Eon Labs has reached 115003 BTC on 5th February 2021 with a combined AUM up to 40 mil USD. Eon Labs has assisted individual funds in being recognised by investors as one of the best performing funds in CryptoFundResearch in 2020 out of the 800+ funds listed on it. This expanding client base relies on Eon Lab’s broad coverage, in-depth research, and practical market insights and tools to find opportunities in existing and new markets, as well as analyse their competitive positions in a changing financial environment.

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