Ergo Impact to Present Its Updated Version of The LeanRiteTM Elite Standing Chair at This Year’s Ergo Expo

Illinois, US, 29th November 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The typical office job is from 9 a.m. to 5. p.m., which might not sound like much, but it takes a toll on the body long-term. When working at a desk all day, more pressure is put on the back, ultimately causing pain, making it hard to concentrate on the job. Sitting, in an office chair, in a slouched or hunched over position, causes increased stress, adding enormous amounts of pressure to the back muscles and spinal disks. With time, the incorrect sitting posture can contribute to or worsen back pain. The LeanRiteTM Elite Standing Chair from Ergo Impact offers much-needed support for the spine, prevents health issues, and contributes to employee motivation, as they can avoid the distractions associated with uncomfortable seating. 

Ergo Impact ensures an entirely new seating experience, helping everyone be at their best, so it only goes to show what a seat arrangement can accomplish in the office layout. The office chair plays an integral part in overall health wellness, particularly when it comes to back health, preventing pain and providing some relief. The new LeanRiteTMchair performs better than ever, and so can a new generation of users. It will be available for both commercial and residential users, in all markets where Ergo Impact products are sold. At times, not even the best chair can solve the problem, so if the pain is ongoing and chronic, it’s necessary to explore the cause more thoroughly. 

The LeanRiteTM Standing Desk Chair Will Help Make the Workday More Comfortable 

With millions of workers struggling with back pain, it’s only logical that Ergo Impact designs office furniture that increases the physical harmony between people and their technology. Making a choice as simple as deciding to swap the old office chairs for ergonomic models can go a long way in helping individuals be more active during the work day. Anyone who spends long hours at the office will want a chair that adjusts to them, like the LeanRiteTM Elite Standing Chair from Ergo Impact, which was developed several years before making its debut. Jonathan Sheinkop, who has demonstrated his grit to work, created a chair based on orthopedics and ergonomics.   

The LeanRiteTM Standing Desk Chair keeps the body active, even while sitting, and is more comfortable as opposed to a traditional office chair. Seat height adjustment can be controlled with a foot pedal and a hand lever, and the seat position can be moved from leaning to perching or sitting without much difficulty. The chair encourages ergonomic posture support and facilitates active sitting without the risk of slippage or falling, offering a more bare-bone experience. There’s versatility, meaning a person isn’t stuck in the same posture throughout the day. Owing to the foam upholstery, it’s possible to decrease that ground reaction force in the sit-to-stand movement. 

Sitting all day can cause sciatic pain to occur or even worsen if someone has had a mild case in the past. The debilitating pain in the lower back and leg is more than a mere distraction; it can affect productivity, as well as time off. As far as sciatica is concerned, some office chairs simply do a better job at offering lumbar support, so if you’re looking for the best chair for sciatica, look no further than the LeanRiteTM Elite Standing Chair that helps relieve stress on the lower back and minimizes pain from a herniated or bulged disk. 

Ergo Impact Will Reveal the New LeanRiteTM Elite Chair at The National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo

Ergo Impact will present the updated version of the LeanRiteTM Elite Standing Chair at the National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo, held November 8-0, 2022, at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. This year’s event is dedicated to fresh new approaches to ergonomics, safety, and wellness, bringing the community together for the longest-running conference and trade show. Ergo Impact has modified and enhanced LeanRiteTM‘s pneumatic cylinder design, therefore, allowing users to move the chair up and down more easily. Equally important is worth mentioning that the team at Ergo Impact has changed the angle of the seat design to keep healthy even in the confines of the office, so people can stay fit even if they sit at a desk all day long.  

Not many know that the LeanRiteTM Elite Standing Chair created by Ergo Impact was one of the first standing chairs to improve the experience of employees working while standing. Users of the standing desk chair are able to maintain a vertical posture, which translates into less pain and increased productivity. Ergo Impact is actively producing and disseminating the LeanRiteTM Sit-Stand-Lean seat with an aim to look out for deskbound workers who are at risk for back pain and spine injury. Back in 2017, LeanRiteTM was one of the finalists of the International Design Excellence Awards and even won the high-standing Spark Design Award, although there was much competition in that year’s product category, yet the jurors were impressed with its groundbreaking design. 

LeanRiteTM, Ergo Impact’s triumphant standing desk chair, will be available for pre-order soon enough, and it’s hoped that the public’s response will be positive. The team at Ergo Impact has joined with ergonomists, furniture designers, physicians, facilities managers, and industrial designers to come up with an innovative product, which ended up exceeding all expectations. Anyone interested in the product is free to stop by for a quick demo to make an informed decision for a sound purchase. Prospective customers will have the chance to discover the new office accessories during the show, which add to the existing line comprising an anti-slip footrest, an electric massager, and an extra seat cushion. All in all, anyone who sits for long periods of time and isn’t physically active can benefit from investing in a standing desk chair such as the LeanRiteTM Elite chair for every employee, especially if they’re prone to developing sciatica. At the Ergo Expo 2022, attendees will receive information on how to manage their ergonomics programs, whether workers are at home or in the office. 

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Published On: November 29, 2022