Erin Smith and Tommy Smith of Weston, Florida Are Supporting Local Veterans through Project We Care

Weston, Florida, 25th April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Philanthropists Erin Smith and Tommy Smith, of Weston, Florida, together created Project We Care as a charitable organization with the goal of providing clothing, household goods, food, and other basic necessities for veterans of the armed forces as they return home from active duty. Having seen first hand some of the challenges faced by veterans attempting to reintegrate back into civilian life after being discharged from military service, Erin Smith and Tommy Smith decided to find an active way of helping these brave men and women. It was out of that desire that Project We Care was born. 

Project We Care works with the Veterans Administration Subsidized Housing program and other non-profit organizations in the Weston, Florida area to meet and engage with local veterans to see what type of help they need most and how best to assist them. One of the primary goals of Project We Care is to help local veterans turn their houses into places of sanctuary. Many non-profit organizations that look to help veterans focus on employment and mental health services, so Erin and Tommy Smith wanted to help fulfill some of the veterans’ needs that had been overlooked.

Commenting on the role that they hope to play in helping veterans transition back into day-to-day life, Erin Smith and Tommy Smith said, “We started Project We Care because we wanted to help veterans who have gone overlooked. We wanted to offer help in some of the ways that weren’t being provided by other non-profit or charitable organizations but that are just as important to a person’s mental and emotional well being. That’s why we focused on helping our veterans to create comfortable, peaceful, and happy homes to live in.”

Erin Smith elaborated on some of the things that Project We Care does for the veterans in the Weston, Florida area: “We help provide them with everything we can. Whatever kind of household goods you can think of, clothing, toiletries, food baskets.” She continued, “For Tommy and me this has been a wonderful experience and chance to give to others. These soldiers defend us every day, risk their lives… This is someone’s family member. I think we all should show our gratitude and recognize what a sacrifice they have made.”

Project We Care has enlisted help from many local businesses around the Weston, Florida area, including All Year Cooling Weston. One of the top goals for Erin and Tommy Smith in the coming years is to grow their list of donors among the local business community and to further partner with more non-profit organizations. They also hope to promote the charity through local companies putting up banners or even wearing the Project We Care logo on their company uniforms. Tommy Smith said, “We really hope that others in the Weston area will follow our lead and join in part of such a worthy cause as supporting our returning veterans.”

About Erin Smith and Tommy Smith

Erin Smith is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, who currently lives in Weston, Florida. Erin was born in Santa Monica, California and at a young age moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She went on to graduate from South Plantation High School. Erin has been married to Thomas “Tommy” Smith for almost twenty years and together they have four children. 

As a philanthropist, Erin Smith is involved in many community functions and charitable causes, especially in and around Weston, Florida. She and her husband have made many donations to the Broward County School system, in addition to their involvement as parents with school-related and extracurricular activities. Erin has been involved with giving to the JT Reading Room, which helps students improve their literacy skills and increase academic success rates. Along with All Year Cooling Weston, of which Tommy Smith is President, Erin has helped to raise money for the fight against breast cancer and has frequently given to The most noteworthy of her efforts is the work she has done with Project We Care. 

Erin Smith and Tommy Smith co-founded Project We Care, a family-based non-profit organization that  focuses on providing for the needs of veterans. By meeting with veterans and working with those involved with the Veterans Administration Subsidized Housing program, Erin and Tommy help assess the needs of local veterans and provides them with necessities such as food, clothing, and household goods. She helps to create a warm and welcoming home environment for these brave men and women. Additionally, Erin Smith works to cultivate a spirit of philanthropy in her children by helping in the Weston, Florida community with numerous causes, including Lifenet for Families, Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center, and Habitat for Humanity.

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Published On: April 25, 2022