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As the globe adjusts to the new baseline, many things have altered, including how events are arranged. The COVID-19 epidemic cost the events sector a staggering $650 million by mid-March (inc42). Fortunately, event organizers all around the world are adopting virtual and hybrid events as a way to reduce these losses and drive important interactions by using a virtual meeting app.

 What Are Virtual Events and How Do They Work?

A virtual event is indeed an online event in which the participant does not need to actively attend. You’ve probably participated in a webinar, an online seminar, or a software setup. All of them may be classified as virtual events.

Virtual Events May Be Divided Into Four Categories

1.A webinar is an electronic session that is instructional and generally lasts 45 to 90 minutes. Webinars are hosted utilizing teleconferencing software that includes features like Q&A, live polls, and the opportunity to present as a host and co-host.

2.Taking in-person conferences online effectively turns them into virtual meetings. These seminars might be multi-day or single-day events with keynotes, workshops, breakout meetings, and so on. Most event organizers utilize online meeting applications to increase networking and to allow participants to see keynotes in live time and design their customized agendas.

3.As the title suggests, Internal hybrid events are occurrences that blend in-person and online components. Townhall meetings, sales start, training, and departmental meetings are popular types of these events.

4.External hybrid events are similar to internal hybrid events, except they are held for persons from outside your company. These events, which might be user or industry conferences, require more advanced videography.

Seminars, Roundtable Discussions, And Virtual Workshops

With bespoke breakout room designs and no limited number of people, use Eventdex’s online meeting technology to hold seminars, roundtable discussions, and webinars. Participants can be assigned to workshops and meetings, or they can pick and handle their schedules. 

Our simple live stream video tool allows presenters and panelists to broadcast straight from our website on demand and interact with audiences via voice, picture, conversation, and Q&A.

The Last Words:

Eventdex is a simple, intuitive, and comprehensive platform that allows event organizers to plan, market, and manage events all from one place. We can help you reach a worldwide audience and enjoy next-generation event planning. Don’t delay or reschedule your events. Instead, let the Eventdex virtual business matching software assist your participants in NFH-Networking From Home! With our cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches, you can bring your digital, hybrid, and in-person audience engagement to life.

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