Expatriate Group To Revolutionise Health Insurance with a New Cashless Offering

  •  Leading providers of expat insurance products, Expatriate Group, announces plans to launch Expat-Pay, a new cashless offering that enables the payment of medical treatment worldwide

West Sussex, UK, Oct 3, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Expatriate Group recently reiterated its commitment to providing products and services to support an individual’s life overseas, as the award-winning company announces plans to launch Expat-Pay. The new offering is a unique product that will revolutionize health insurance for expats, enabling the payment of a customer’s medical treatment using a mobile app, irrespective of the hospital across the globe. Launching Expat-Pay makes Expatriate Group the provider of the largest cash-less access to medical care in the world. 

Our goal, over the past 20 years, has been to provide reliable products and services to support an individual’s life overseas. There are plenty of nice distractions when you’re living and working abroad – I should know as I was an expat myself for many years. It’s nice to know that the ‘what if’ scenarios are catered for and you can enjoy the experience.” – Expatriate Group Director, Lee Gerry. “Commercial customers will be offered Expat Pay for their employees as part of our onboarding service (and at renewal for our existing customers). We’ll give simple instructions for adding the card to your phone (with which most people will already be familiar) and then you’re good to go.”

Access to quality medical services remains one of the major challenges faced by expatriates across the globe, as most social welfare safety nets do not effectively address their needs. Consequently, such individuals and their families either have to pay exorbitantly for healthcare or settle for less. However, Expatriate Group looks set to change the narrative by launching the groundbreaking Expat-Pay, ultimately easing access to pharmacies, physiotherapists, ambulance services, and the like.

The launch of Expat-Pay is timely and laudable, particularly as Expatriate Group’s products revolve largely around ‘accident and health’ protection for people living and working overseas, providing first-class protection and service with 5-star Trust Pilot rating points. The product is designed to also serve customers that do not live near network facilities, with physical cards for customers who are in areas where Apple Pay and Google Pay are relatively uncommon.

Expat-Pay is expected to be rolled out to all the company’s retail Select and Primary PLUS policyholders in early 2023, with the product incorporated with Expatriate Group’s corporate iPMI plan to provide a complete solution for HR managers and employee benefits suppliers and ensure all their staff has access to healthcare and treatment.

For further information about Expat-Pay and other top-notch solutions from Expatriate Group, visit – https://www.expatriatehealthcare.com/. Expatriate Group also has a growing online community across social media, including FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter

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Published On: October 3, 2022