Atlanta, Georgia, 13th May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Explosions can be catastrophic regardless of their size and often result in injuries or fatalities. When they occur in an industrial setting, their effects can have more far-reaching consequences than physical injuries resulting from initial impact. 

Often industrial explosions result in the release of toxic gasses, solids, liquids, fumes, and vapors whose effect can extend beyond the premises of where the incident happens. 

Industries Have a Responsibility

Industries have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of workers and residents living in their vicinity. That means you may be eligible to recoup compensation if you suffer from the effects of an industrial explosion. 

If you believe you have been exposed to toxic chemicals after an explosion, your priority should be seeking medical attention. Unlike other types of accidents where injuries are evident on impact, the effects of exposure to deadly chemicals can take some time to show. Unfortunately, they can be far more dangerous than physical injuries as they typically affect the body’s internal and external systems. The earlier the extent of the damage is treated and managed, the better.

Medical Records Help Filing a Lawsuit

Seeking medical attention also makes the process of pursuing compensation for your damages much easier. Medical records help link your injuries to the incident and provide evidence critical in determining the value of your damages. 

After seeking treatment, you may need to report your accident to your employer if you are injured as an employee. Under normal circumstances, employees injured in the line of duty should recover their damages through workers’ compensation.

“You will need to file an independent lawsuit against the responsible entity if you are not an employee of the industry where the explosion happened,” says injury attorney Robert Hammers of Schneider Hammers. Exposure to toxic chemical claims can be complicated on many levels. These complications include:

  • The potentially high number of people affected.
  • The high threshold of evidence needed to prove the effects of the exposure.
  • The possible large payouts involved. 

Under these circumstances, your only chance of getting a fair compensation would be working with an injury lawyer. After taking care of your health, your priority should then be seeking the help and guidance of an attorney.

How Toxic Chemicals Get Into the Body

Chemicals and harmful substances take many forms, meaning their modes of getting into the body vary. Typically, toxic chemicals can enter the body through three main ways; ingestion, inhalation, and contact with skin. 

Chemicals that enter the body through inhalation include dust particles, mists, vapors, and gasses. Liquids and solids can enter the body through contact or inhalation. Regardless of how a toxic substance enters the body, it will cause harm, some immediately, while other effects can take years to manifest.

Common Symptoms

The effects of exposure to toxic chemicals can present through various symptoms depending on the part of the body affected by the exposure, the level of exposure, and the affected person’s ability to withstand the exposure. 

Some common symptoms you may need to look out for if exposed to toxic chemicals from an industrial explosion include respiratory problems, nerve problems, and loss of sensitivity on some body parts. You may also look out for rashes, itching, unending headaches, miscarriages, cancers, and deformed babies. 

If the effects of an explosion continue to impact individuals long after the explosion, you may want to consider moving into a safer area to avoid continued exposure.

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