Fatoshi is the first widely endorsed and trustworthy NFT mintpad, offering a cross-chain NFT ecosystem that will bring NFT solutions. On the Certik Audit, the platform is soon conducting a soft rollout.


Florida, US, 16th Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The NFT has enhanced and preserved artists’ creations. Previously, stealing digital art was as simple as taking a screenshot or downloading it. However, with NFT, the primary goal is to empower artists and users with a sense of ownership over their digital artwork. The blockchain system, which verifies ownership and validates NFT, is in charge.

Fatoshi is working on a massive project that will soon be acknowledged as the cryptocurrency industry’s next great thing. The platform will provide its users with a complete cross-chain ecosystem, including a cross-chain NFT mintpad, cross-chain NFT marketplace, NFT farm, and NFT rewards.

Users will gain various benefits due to the following features, including specific allocations in the mintpad for users owning Fatoshi NFT and tokens. Users in the NFT marketplace will receive similar benefits, and they can also earn incentives by farming more Fatoshis. Moreover, the platform will enable users to hold Fastoshi NFTs and earn more rewards in BItcoin.

For all Fatoshi transactions, the platform will allow 10% of all transactions to go directly into the wallets of users who hold the token for a longer period of time. 3% of all transactions will be used to fund marketing activities, allowing the company to expand its project and raise public awareness. And a total of 2% of all transactions will be used to boost Fatoshi’s liquidity.

Fatoshi is thrilled to announce that P2E games have been added to its platform. To gain extra tokens, users can play games and mini-games. The game also includes competitions and contests to increase their earnings and receive extra goodies. Furthermore, the platform is preparing to introduce the Certik Audit, a critical component of the cross-chain NFT ecosystem’s success.

Fatoshi is a cross-chain NFT ecosystem platform that offers its users NFT-related solutions. The platform has several features and is about to go online, giving users the ability to use NFT farming to earn more money and receive more Bitcoin incentives.

For more information, users can visit the official website here. And also, users can join Fatoshi’s Telegram community to stay updated regarding further announcements and developments.

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