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Rising Popularity

Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular these days. People are showing interest in mining them and FinancialCentre Broker Troy Deloitte says that’s not surprising, because the value of digital currencies has skyrocketed since last year. For instance, a single Bitcoin was worth only about $900 when it first appeared back in 2009 and now its price is above $4 5000, which makes it among the most valuable types of virtual money available for sale on the market today.

Crypto Mining

Nowadays, hundreds of Internet users get involved in crypto mining every day. Especially if they want to earn some extra cash. However, not all people are familiar with the concept of mining and how it works. Therefore, we will try to explain this phenomenon as clearly and concisely as possible below:

Basically, cryptocurrency mining consists of solving complex mathematical equations which are stored in the blockchain database that’s used by a particular type of virtual money on the network. Once these problems are solved, new blocks are added to the chain and transactions are verified (which is necessary for digital money transfers). This activity is done by specialized software or hardware devices called miners. They get rewards for their job like newly generated coins or transaction fees paid by other users. In a way, mining is like creating money out of thin air because it allows you to generate valuable digital coins that are otherwise not present in the blockchain system (although they exist in theory).

As mentioned above, crypto mining offers an opportunity to acquire new coins. However, this activity requires special computer hardware along with considerable investment and effort. That’s why not all people can mine cryptocurrencies. But if you’re ready to put some effort into it, then perhaps cryptocurrency mining might be a good source of income for you as well.

The performance of mining cryptocurrencies has been skyrocketing unprecedentedly in the past few weeks. Recently, a lot of people have invested a lot of money into building machinery to mine these cryptos and make huge profits by using their own hardware through mining or buying from other miners who already established the infrastructure for mining crypto coins.

Mining Brings Challenges

However, it should be kept in mind that mining brings a lot of problems in luggage. One of them is the environmental issue of mining and how its use is increasing on a daily basis. For instance, one Bitcoin transaction will consume as much energy as the average European household does in three months! This suggests that cryptocurrencies mining has to be taken extremely seriously if we want to preserve our planet for future generations.

Moreover, not all cryptocurrencies can be mined. Some of them have already been extracted and their total supply is static. For example, Bitcoin cannot be “extracted” anymore; its 21 million limit was designed to ensure that no more Bitcoins will ever exist after all of the available ones are mined. Plus, there are those digital currencies that were designed in a way to make mining extremely difficult (as well as slow) for miners in order to prevent centralization.

Many different types of hardware devices can be used for cryptocurrency mining including but not limited to: specially-designed computers called ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), graphic cards or even regular PCs with powerful processors installed inside.

Massena’s Measure

Massena, a town in the United States, has imposed a 90 days long moratorium on the new bitcoin mines. This measure is a consequence of rising debates around the environmental impact of the mining process. The town is situated a few Kilometers away from the Canadian border. The management came forward with this step because they say that mining activities were working towards lowering the tone of the town. Mr Deloitte says thinks that this step is a timely measure. He says that just recently, it was seen that miners were flooding into the place in huge numbers because of more technical reasons. The Hydroelectric dam on the St Lawrence river helps Massena provide its residents with very cheap electricity. A less expensive electricity supply means that the overall mining procedure becomes more economical.

The mining of cryptos requires a lot of power and thus it affects the environment around in a very negative way. Earlier in the year, it was claimed that Bitcoins are responsible for consuming as much electricity as the whole of Argentina. So this is a very huge amount of power consumption coming from just one source. If mining becomes a widely opted profession all around the globe then this will heavily impact the already deteriorating environmental conditions all around the globe. Mr Deloitte says that while the rest of the world is busy regulating crypto use and turning it into a more “adoptable” form, Massena’s administration is focused on other grave issues too. However, it should be made sure that a profitable profession is not entirely banned. 

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