London, UK, 4th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIREGlobally, we can see a transition towards an era of decentralization. Within this decentralized world, we will begin to trust and transact with our peers without the need for centralized intermediaries or service providers. FinancialCentre Broker David Horsley says the latest sensation that has taken markets by storm is the cryptocurrency craze. These currencies are powered by encrypted technology to prevent hacking or duplication of currency units. Some analysts have predicted that cryptocurrencies may soon overtake traditional fiat currencies like the dollar and euro in usage, but they are currently too volatile for most people to use in their day-to-day lives. In the near future, cryptocurrencies will become much more stable in price and be used all over the world to buy goods and services, but for now, they are mostly held as a speculative investment or donation toward a cause. The backbone of this evolving system is based on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, among others.

It is basically a public ledger that records all transactions permanently. It can be used to create immutable smart contracts that are impossible to alter or hack. Cryptocurrencies are secured by military-grade cryptography, giving them an edge against hacking attempts. The network can work without any central authority, making it more secure than traditional banking systems. Cryptocurrency transactions are faster and cheaper than traditional methods. Blockchain technology allows cryptocurrency users to conduct direct peer-to-peer transactions without going through a third-party service provider. As a result, the middleman is cut out of the loop, which means that there are no processing fees or other charges. In this way, it makes cross-border transactions much easier.

Anonymity features of cryptocurrency are also an integral part of the value chain, helping it gain popularity among consumers who are more privacy-conscious. Even though cryptocurrencies have not yet become stable enough for day-to-day use in most cases, they are already being adopted across various activities on a global scale.

Crypto as a threat to US Dollar

Decentralization and anonymity features of cryptocurrency also raise alarms among law enforcement agencies, as a digital currency can be easily used for illegal activities. Banks all around the world are trying their best to come up with ways to make this cryptocurrency ecosystem more transparent and accountable. They want to eliminate the use of cryptocurrency for criminal purposes, such as tax evasion and money laundering, but most of the proposed solutions undermine the very nature of this technology.

Mr Horsley shared that the experts are debating globally if the dollar has actually lost its dominance in international trade, as countries are diversifying their currencies to be used for cross-border transactions. The threat to the dollar’s supremacy may not come from another currency but rather from a cryptocurrency that is gaining traction in this new decentralized financial environment. It may soon become the only trusted and stable currency to be used in international trade.

Cryptocurrencies are not yet widely accepted as a medium of exchange, but we may see widespread adoption within 10-15 years as they continue to gain momentum and become more popular for both legitimate and illegal activities. Mr Horsley said: “As cryptocurrencies mature, we can expect to see them become a key means of exchange, especially outside the major financialcentres.”

He also mentioned that cryptocurrencies would mostly be used for small transactions before they are adopted for buying goods and services.

Ms Clinton can smell the danger

Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary of State, is also worried about the future impact of cryptocurrencies on national currencies. She thinks that the country is in dire need of regulatory measures to address these new risks and keep up with the pace of cryptocurrency evolution. She said that Russia and China might be the ones taking advantage of the new currency to manipulate the country. She made it specific that she was talking about new technologies altogether, not only currencies.

Some analysts argue that despite their volatility, cryptocurrencies currently pose a small threat to the dollar as they are still used mostly for speculative trading. However, large companies such as Microsoft and Overstock accept bitcoin as a legitimate method of payment. Cryptocurrency fever has spread across the globe, and it looks like there will be no going back. As more people get on board with digital currencies, they will become even more powerful, making them a potential threat to traditional fiat currencies in the long term.

It is still too early to predict what will happen in future, but one thing is certain: there are some heavy hitters in the world of finance who consider cryptocurrencies a threat to their status quo. In order to retain the trust of the masses, banks and other financial institutions will need to embrace new technologies rather than resist them.

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