London, UK, 5th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIREA cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that is designed with security, anonymity, and stability in mind. Using cryptography to secure transactions, maintain the ledger, and mint new coins. FinancialCentre Broker Andy Tutcher says that for all of its promise, there are many dangers in Cryptocurrencies that can be exploited by an astute mind. Hackers are naturally attracted to the crypto scene because cryptocurrency wallets are nothing more than digital files that can be stolen or erased. If you do not encrypt your wallet and someone gains access to your computer(s), they will have access to everything in your wallet.

The nature of cryptos is such that they can be highly suitable for criminal activities. This is because there is no centralised governing body monitoring the currency. This is one reason why many nations all around the world have been contemplating a ban on cryptos. The anonymity of cryptos is a feature that has been attractive to many criminals. This includes criminals who try to sell illegal items on the Dark Web. It also includes cyber-criminals who often use cryptos for ransomware attacks and other types of online extortion.

Mr Tutcher says, “However, this anonymity can be a problem when it comes to trading in cryptos because they are unregulated. There is no agency that is monitoring the trading of cryptos.” This means that traders are open to being duped by scammers who dupe them over the internet. Cryptocurrencies are also decentralised digital currencies. This means that they lack a central control system where transactions can be monitored and recorded by the governing authority. In essence, this makes sure that the traders are their own bank and brokers as well as the regulators.

Crypto and Money Laundering

If you deposit money into your wallet at any time, it becomes impossible to trace its provenance. This lack of accountability has been given as a reason by some governments for a ban on cryptos. Since the birth of cryptocurrencies, many people have tried to equate them with money laundering and terrorist financing because of their anonymity. There have been a large number of arrests all over the world for money laundering in cryptocurrencies. This is because it has become difficult to use fiat currencies in some illicit transactions.

The US Treasury Department has advised any countries with anti-money laundering laws to carefully monitor how cryptos are being used by their banks. This is because there has been a rise in the number of illicit activities and crimes conducted using cryptos. Cryptocurrencies have also become attractive to those who want to use them as a means of money laundering. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralised, they offer people the opportunity to process their transactions without being traced by others, including government agencies.

Chainalysis report

Chainalysis, a blockchain data analysis, reported that in the year 2021, cryptocurrencies worth 8.6 billion USD were laundered. This amount was 30% more than last year. The report says that if police can target individuals and services behind these rising figures, it can cause a huge blow to criminals around the world. The report says that a small number of companies and services are involved in laundering a large amount of money. It is also said that any of the involved services seem to be purpose-built.

These facts suggest that money launderers are looking for ways of making their transactions untraceable. Because all your transactions are recorded on the blockchain, it is easy to follow them. This means that if you decide to use an exchanger or wallet service, consider asking it to disclose its terms and conditions regarding transaction records. If they refuse to do this, it may be a reason to avoid using them. If you have a crypto wallet, ensure that it is a genuine one and not a fake. This means that you need to check carefully that the URL of the website from which you are downloading your wallet is the official site.

Time to act

Cryptocurrencies are new on the scene of finance, and this has made many people feel wary about their use. There are several individuals out there who would like to see cryptos banned. However, the number of people who believe in their potential for growth is growing by the day. Cryptocurrencies are gaining credibility, with many countries around the world have taken a closer look at them and how they can be utilised.

Mr Tutcher thinks that it is the need of time that rules and regulations on cryptocurrencies be formulated so that the dangers of using cryptocurrencies can be minimised. Any loopholes found in such rules should also be closed to stop criminals from finding them useful for their nefarious activities. Using cryptos is becoming more common nowadays, especially with the growing pool of online traders all over the world. If proper measures are not taken by nations for regulating cryptos, there is a high possibility that more criminals are going to continue laundering money through cryptos.

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