London, UK, 4th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRECrypto fever has been spreading all across the world. A new form of money that is decentralized from government regulation and bank manipulation. The idea behind cryptocurrency can be traced back to one Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous person or group who published a paper in 2008 called Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, which explained what exactly a blockchain was, how it could be used to solve the double-spending problem, and how it could be used as a new form of money. Since then, hundreds of cryptocurrencies have been invented, but Bitcoin still stands out as the big kid on the block. Ethereum is another example of a cryptocurrency that has seen incredible growth in recent years. You can even trade Ether for other coins or tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. FinancialCentre Broker Michael Hirsch says that crypto has the potential to be more than just a means of exchange, describing it as “a cheap way to facilitate all sorts of transactions across the world”.

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digitized asset that can be transferred, stored and traded electronically. It uses cryptography to maintain security over the transactions of the currency. Cryptography ensures that you are sending funds to your intended recipient with no one being able to deceive who they are or what it is being used for. Cryptocurrencies are on the rise. As fiat currencies start becoming less relevant due to inflation and monetary policy around the world, people are looking for alternative forms of money. Cryptocurrency is essentially decentralized and not controlled by governments or banks. The initial value of a cryptocurrency is usually very low and can be used to transfer large amounts for little to no fees.

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology, which is essentially a distributed ledger that stores all of the transactions ever made on the currency’s network. Every block created contains information about the previous one and is connected to the next one, forming a chain of blocks. This blockchain is safe because it gets replicated thousands of times across every computer on the network. No one can manipulate or even edit these records without everyone else knowing about it within minutes. This makes it impossible to counterfeit or spend the same money twice. The decentralized nature of blockchain technology means there is no one person in charge, which provides more protection against manipulation or corruption by an individual or group.

Michael Hirsch comments that “blockchain technology is likely here to stay but whether cryptocurrencies themselves will be popular beyond a niche audience is still an open question.”

Russia and Crypto Regulation

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has led many countries to start regulating them. Russia is a country that has been moving towards the regulation of cryptocurrencies for some time. Legislation around the world regarding crypto will likely influence other nations, and this could be very significant given that Russia was one of the first nations to legalize cryptocurrencies. Russia wants to create a way to tax cryptocurrencies. They have already implemented rules that define digital currency as property rather than a cryptocurrency, which means they will be taxed like property rather than currency. It has been mentioned that the country wishes to make policies that will ensure that trading, using, and mining cryptocurrencies are properly regulated in Russia.

Russia has started thinking about how financial regulation could work with cryptocurrencies. This dedication towards the cause comes from the fact that people in Russia are transacting a total of 5 Billion USD in crypto. This shows that Russians are actively using cryptocurrency, which shows the government how it is an important market for them to take action on. It is also revealed that Russians are one of the topmost visitors of the exchange Binance. It was explained that Russians are visiting the platform’s website the most after Turkey. Michael Hirsch added that Russia is one of the major bitcoin mining countries all around the globe.

Hirsch believes that Russia is becoming pro-crypto at a remarkable speed. Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that cryptocurrencies are used by criminals to launder money, but he also said they should not be banned since cryptocurrencies can help Russia diversify its foreign currency reserves. The country cannot afford to miss the opportunity that cryptocurrencies provide. According to Hirsch, “the Russian Federation is incredibly risk-averse and wouldn’t move forward with such policy changes without clear direction from the Kremlin.”

The growing interest of Russia in cryptocurrency technology means that this country is likely to continue making regulations and creating new policies regarding the market. This will lead cryptocurrencies to expand and become even more popular than it already is. The hard stance of the Bank of Russia regarding cryptos is indicative of the fact that the country wouldn’t hesitate to ban cryptos if they feel that it might become a threat.

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