London, UK, 2nd Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Ethereum is expected to fall again, according to David Horsley FinancialCentre’s broker. This means that it might be time for investors to anticipate the currency before taking any actions. Etherem has been showing severe fluctuations over the last few days, which might be a sign for investors to move out. FinancialCentre’s broker reminded its customers to trade according to their risk and not follow other investors into buying or selling currencies without knowledge of it themselves.

FinancialCentre’s broker also reminded customers that there are many opportunities to be had in the cryptocurrency market, but that not all of them will be profitable instantly.

Is It Safe To Invest In Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that can be used as a means of payment for products and services, an investment opportunity, or as a base currency to trade with.

The potential for cryptocurrency has been shown by its strong performance versus the dollar in recent months. However, since Ethereum came along just over two years ago, it has faced numerous setbacks which has caused concerns in the financial and tech industry– the most recent setback being the Ethereum flash crash.

Two years ago, when its value was much lower than today, there were concerns that the price was being increased artificially. This is because it uses a different, newer system in order to complete transactions.

This newer system is what allows it to record transactions in far less time then its competitors. This faster transaction time increases the potential for trading Ethereum, but also introduces concerns that it can be used for fraudulent activity due to the limited oversight which comes with this system. This lack of supervision was highlighted when Etheruem suffered a flash crash.

Currently, the FinancialCentre’s broker believes that Ethereum is not a safe investment as the risks associated with this digital currency are being weighed up against the potential benefits of it. They say that anyone considering buying this cryptocurrency should, “wait for it to stabilize before making an investment decision.”

Potential Of Ethereum

The FinancialCentre’s broker believes that the reason for this cryptocurrency’s continued growth is its potential. It has been suggested that it could replace Bitcoin as the industry standard in the future, taking up a larger share of the market. Other than being used as an investment opportunity and means of payment, it can also be used as a base currency by traders.

However, many experts still view Bitcoin as the industry leader because it is seen by some analysts as being more secure than Ethereum, having a significantly bigger market capitalisation.

This view is shared by FinancialCentre’s broker since Bitcoin is considered to be “the most well-known and safest virtual currency on today’s market.”

However, if it continues to grow, this could change. The FinancialCentre’s broker believes that Ethereum will continue to grow over the next few months, but at a slower rate than before.


Ethereum’s high performance versus the USD has been attributed to a combination of continued interest in it. Indeed, certain experts have suggested that Bitcoin has begun to look outdated now that Ethereum is starting to show its potential. If the cryptocurrency market continues on this trajectory it is expected to grow rapidly for some time, which could lead to Etheruem being one of the best investment opportunities available. However, this growth could also lead to increased competition from rival cryptocurrencies.

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