Beacon, NY, 17th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Scary Dungeon Wizard NFT is the next big sensation. The NFT holders will get huge perks by being a part of this community. The biggest advantage of being part of the SDW community is that the NFT holders can apply to their incubator program. In this program, SDW will select a number of NFT projects and fund them (exclusive for NFT holders).

Ankit (Founder of SDW) said “This is the best place for NFT creators and collectors. We want to support our community throughout this journey. And that is the reason we have an NFT incubator program for our community members”.

Apart from the incubator program, they will be launching a wizard treasury where all members can participate and win big prizes every month. Every month (Starting after 30% Mint), 10% of secondary sale revenues are collected, divided, and distributed to ten wizard holders at random.

SDW has also planned on launching their wizard merchandise. NFT printed T-shirts, Mugs, and other items will be available to people all around the world. They will use a percentage of that profit towards their marketing campaign which is a great idea to bring more attention to their project.

NFT Holder Perks: 

– Exclusive dungeon wizard comic to all the NFT holders. 

– Exclusive NFT giveaways to all wizards. 

– Participate in wizard incubator (Get funding & full support) 

– Be a part of the most supportive community.

– Access to our exclusive wizard merchandise

– Power to vote. NFT holders will decide the future. 

– Astral Crown delivered to NFT holder’s wallet.

Project Overview

10,000 wizards are entering the scary dungeon. They are on a mission to find the astral crown and fight the dark wizards who are protecting it. *Astral crown* the most powerful crown in existence. The astral crown will be like an access card to enter in their incubator program.

The dungeon wizard is one of the collections in the dungeon world. They are randomly generated, non-fungible tokens, also known as “NFTs”. There are only 10,000 different wizards in this collection, each one unique in its way. Every wizard has its own set of characteristics, some are rarer than others.

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Media Contacts

Name – Ankit

E-mail – [email protected]

Company – Scary Dungeon Wizard

Country – USA

Address – 242 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508