New game changing Social Networking App is going to allow you to comment on friends photos,  videos, texts with audios Voice notes. 

Las Vegas NV, 16th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, This is honestly huge, and something you see very rarely. It’s finally launching on Saturday 20th Nov 2021 @11AM EST. 

As locks pushed people indoors and online in 2020, people suddenly realized how important it was to  have a sustainable social media app. Let’s go over the top 25 social media apps of 2021 so you can  decide where to focus your efforts. As a social media platform, the Spotline app will not only connect  people, it will create new business opportunities for the audio and video industry. And with a broad  focus on privacy, the Spotline app is set up to solve the challenges users face when using today’s social  media. 

In line with other social media platforms, the Spotline application consists of a news feed with image  and video sharing, tagging, etc., along with Moments for sharing audio and video content. The platform  has built-in chat capabilities, but privacy is the key benchmark where it outperforms other players. 

Safety is our number one priority and we take it very seriously. If by any chance your account is hacked  or blocked or any questions or queries related to your account, we assign a team that works 24/7 and  they will definitely solve everything in less than 24 hours. just contact them at [email protected]  Spotline does not track your online and offline activities, which makes it more secure. Worry-free Social  networking App platform as the founder said ” we here to revolutionize networking as our privacy has  been manipulated by the big players in the networking sector” 

Spotline is almost exclusively a hangout for young people. The site revolves around sharing images and  videos, although there is also a messaging tool and many gamification features. Spotline is so simple  that you already know how to use it before you even use it. 

Photo, video, audio and text Sharing Platform (Spotline) 

potline app (called a social media site) is an online platform that people use to build social media or  social relationships with other people who share personal similar real-life content, interests,  activities, backgrounds, or connections or professionals. 

Media Contacts

Name: Kent Ebraheem 

Title Founder 


Email address: [email protected]