Forme advances athletic wear as medical devices

Los Angeles, California, 23rd March 2022, ZEXPRWIREForme®, a wellness technology business, crafts natural and sustainable therapeutic wearables to bring positive change in the health, performance, and daily lifestyle of consumers.  Forme was a Fast Company 2021 Innovation in Design honoree.

“Forme is sensational!”

-Xavier Mckinney, NY Giants Starting Safety

“What started as a mission to help my mother battle late-stage cancer evolved into Forme. Through posture transformation, adding height and better breathing, Forme wearables improve the daily performance and long term health of everyone,” explained by Dr. Stephen Liu, an orthopedic surgeon, and the founder of Forme.

“You feel it absolutely immediately and my back has never been this straight my entire life, and I think I grew 2 inches by wearing FORME; it is incredible!“

-Alex Eckstein, Wharton Business School and Hillrock Whiskey Executive

Forme has created the first-ever health changing wearables (beyond health tracking) for daily activities. The technology instantly transforms your posture, breathing, sleeping, recovery, and relieving neck and back pain. It innovates a foundation for lifelong holistic living.

“We all need this in our life.  I had chronic upper back pain, muscle spasm, and scoliosis. After wearing the Forme bra and tee wearables for 24 hours, I can’t tell you how amazing it felt.  I was pain free. “

-Kristi Hujik, Sirius XM executive, PGA tour radio

Forme’s  patented wearables are also great for athletes and golfers. They provide optimal positioning for improved airflow and support the neck and back during workout activities.

Seiji Liu, co-founder of Forme said, “We have noticed many players do not necessarily have the access or the resources for better recovery from injury or injury-prevention tools. With Forme, we have helped many stay injury-free by improving their body-alignment foundation to better attain their goals. Their success on and off the court/field is mutually beneficial, as well. Forme helps with both as it constantly works to improve posture, alignment, recovery and other important health benefits.”

He further added, “The U.S. spends more than $100 billion annually on managing neck and back pain, and we know health care costs will keep increasing given the reliance on digital technology. This is where Forme comes in for daily injury prevention to help correct habitual systemic spine problems—as a sustainable solution to cure neck and back issues.”

“Forme is a game changer! They are the first total body enhancement wearables I have experienced, and the health benefits are firmly rooted in science. Seeing the impact of Forme’s wearables on the volleyball team of GS Caltex Seoul and the dancers at the American Ballet Theater proved the effectiveness of Forme’s technology.”

-Yongsoo Huh, CEO of GS Energy, Board of Directors of GS Sports, South Korea

“Forme is the only natural and sustainable solution for anyone with neck and back issues…the best thing about Forme? It takes almost no effort. All you have to do is wear it and the transformation takes care of itself.“

-Harry Nodwell, Senior professional golf product tester, My Golf Spy

FORME has been in the DTC business for less than 3 years and it has grown 100%+ in each of the past 2 years.  It continues to place great value in product design and efficacy in its mission to elevate human performance.

About Forme

Forme is a FDA registered, patented wearables company designed to transform your posture, improve breathing, elevate performance and reduce spine tension through simple wear. The science-driven wearables work naturally to engage muscle memory to provide a natural and  sustainable solution for back and neck pain (

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Los Angeles, California

Published On: March 23, 2022