Game Changer: Aethir and MetaGravity Partner for Scalable DePIN Gaming

Aethir and MetaGravity join forces to develop DePINs, a revolutionary technology set to transform the gaming industry with accessible, immersive, and scalable experiences.


The gaming industry is always growing, pushing the limits of what’s possible. However, online gaming experiences have often been limited by centralized infrastructure that struggles to keep pace with growing demands. To address this challenge, Aethir, a leading decentralized cloud infrastructure provider, has joined forces with MetaGravity, the developers of the innovative HyperScale Engine. This groundbreaking partnership aims to revolutionize online gaming through the development of DePINs (decentralized physical infrastructure networks). In this article, an expert from SolarisIG has shed light on the details of this partnership and its potential impact on ATH coin.

A More Accessible and Immersive Gaming Future

The Aethir-MetaGravity partnership focuses on leveraging DePIN technology to create a more accessible, immersive, and sustainable future for the gaming industry.  “By connecting a worldwide network of unused resources,” stated Dan Wang, co-founder and CEO of Aethir, “we’re laying the groundwork for a more engaging, accessible, and long-term prospect for 3D internet and gaming.”  This collaboration will achieve this by creating a scalable infrastructure solution that simplifies game development, making it more efficient and accessible for studios of all sizes.

The partnership specifically targets overcoming historical limitations in online gaming. Through a powerful combination of MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine and Aethir’s Instaplay pixel streaming solution, developers will benefit from significant advancements. This partnership enables game makers to leverage both back-end simulation technology and front-end “multi-device pixel streaming capacity.” This translates to smoother gameplay experiences for users across various devices, without the need for hefty downloads.

Technical Breakthrough: Causal Partitioning

At the heart of this innovative approach lies a technical breakthrough known as causal partitioning.  Tobin Ireland, co-founder at MetaGravity, explains, “MetaGravity has developed a novel way of parallelism and concurrency for distributing a large simulation across numerous servers (known as Causal Partitioning), which overcomes the size and cost restrictions of earlier methodologies.”  This method allows for the distribution of massive simulations across multiple servers, overcoming the limitations of scalability and cost that plagued previous approaches.  Furthermore, MetaGravity uses complicated mathematical equations to accurately measure gaming interactions. This allows them to create an infrastructure that can deliver a “100-fold increase in spatial partitioning capabilities while reducing computational costs by a factor of 100,” according to Ireland.

DePINs: The Future of Gaming Infrastructure

DePINs, or decentralized physical infrastructure networks, are a key component of the Aethir-MetaGravity partnership. DePINs leverage geographically distributed GPU resources, bringing processing power closer to users. This significantly reduces latency, a major pain point for online gamers.  Wang emphasizes the benefits of DePINs, stating, “DePINs utilize regionally scattered GPU resources, bringing computing capacity closer to customers. DePINs are intrinsically scalable and safe, so even highly demanding games run smoothly.”  This shift towards decentralized infrastructure not only improves performance but also lays the groundwork for the development of the third-generation internet, characterized by decentralized ownership and control.

Increased Demand and Decentralized Benefits

With the rise of complex online experiences, the demand for efficient and powerful computing resources is expected to continue growing. DePINs offer a solution by minimizing latency and network transport costs associated with centralized infrastructure.  Ireland highlights another crucial benefit of DePIN infrastructure: “DePIN technology additionally offers the advantage of decentralized governance, ownership, and control.”  This shift towards a decentralized model empowers users and developers alike, fostering a more open and equitable gaming ecosystem.

Aethir’s Price Performance

The recent announcement of the Aethir-MetaGravity partnership has generated significant interest in the market. As of writing, the price of Aethir (ATH) sits at $0.06931, reflecting a 2.66% increase in the past 24 hours and a 1.40% increase in the past week. This positive price movement is accompanied by a surge in trading volume. The trading volume of Aethir (ATH) has increased by 38.50% in the past 24 hours, indicating a rise in market activity. While Aethir outperforms the entire crypto market, which is now down 3.10%, it lags behind comparable Ethereum Ecosystem coins, which are currently up 12.70%.


The Aethir-MetaGravity partnership has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry by ushering in an era of DePIN-powered online experiences. By leveraging decentralized infrastructure and innovative solutions like causal partitioning, this collaboration aims to create a more accessible, immersive, and sustainable future for gaming. The positive market response to the partnership announcement reflected in Aethir’s price increase and rising trading volume, suggests a strong belief in the potential of DePIN technology. As the partnership progresses and DePINs become more frequently used, we can expect to see a significant transformation in the way we experience online games.

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Published On: July 4, 2024