GameFiBoost Aims At Building The Biggest Play To Earn Community

GameFiBoost aims at building one of the biggest play to earn community as the market is currently valued at 1000 million dollars. The idea is to build an all-in-one place for crypto games and even game analytics and more. 

Prague, Czech Republic, 23rd Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, GameFiBoost has come up as one of the emerging companies that has been dealing in the play to earn games. They are a media agency that has its eyes set on some big goals. They want to build the biggest play to earn community and at the same time have a one-stop portal for all crypto game news, IGO calendar for investors, and even the different crypto games list with the filters as well. 

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We are aware of the massive opportunities that are present in this field and this is why we want to tap the most out of it. In 2021, more than 100 new games were launched. Another 100+ are expected in 2022. There’s currently no big player in play-to-earn media advertising new projects. We are looking to be the next big thing.”

The company had started back in December 2021 but they have a lot of experience and expertise in the field of crypto finances, gaming, and even IT. This allows them to come up with the best of ideas for making the finest all-in-one portal that could be of great use. They want to develop the kind of portal wherein one will be able to find the finest premium content for both gamers and investors and therefore it will largely help everyone concerned.

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About GameFiBoost

GameFiBoost was started back in December 2021 and has managed to have very significant growth. They have a team that is thoroughly experienced in crypto and finances and want to make the biggest play-to-earn gaming community that would also be the best news portal to benefit gamers and investors alike. 

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Published On: February 23, 2022