Bangkok, Thailand, 27th Oct 2021, is a property search platform specialized in VR TOUR. Every of our listings will have VR TOUR. We bring in new technology to improve and assist buyers, sellers, and agents to save time for convenience and better experience.

In addition, for many people that are relatively new to the subject, we frequently provide up to date reviews and contents on real estate for better understanding and decision making.

Buyers Benefits

Save time and money

No need to make appointment with owners/agents or leave work. Reduce Transportation fee

More Details

Get full detail of room function, view, interior before visit


Reduce frequency in meeting owners/agents, reduce risk of getting covid-19

Owners and Agents Benefits

Save time and money

No need to open room for all uncertain customers. Reduce Transportation fee

Serious Customer

Attract only potential customers

Avoid Damage

Reduce Collateral damage from agents and customers visiting

Preview Oversea 24hr.

Expand reach to customers overseas. Room open for view 24/7

Genie-Property is an online marketplace for real estate and rental services. With the help of our advance technology (such as the cheapest VR tour service), we strive to provide the best service for customers, homeowners, and agents. Many of our partners have saved valuable time and money using our platform. 

Genie-Property Services

Condo for rent, Condo for sale, ขายคอนโด, เช่าคอนโดพระราม 9, เช่าคอนโดอ่อนนุช, เช่าคอนโดทองหล่อ, เช่าคอนโดอโศก, เช่าคอนโดเอกมัย, เช่าคอนโดพร้อมพงษ์, เช่าคอนโดพระโขนง

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Company name: Genie Property

Address: Bangkok, Thailand

Tel: +6693-232-9888

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