Here is wonderful news for all the cryptocurrency investors around the globe, Bitradez is soon starting its first round of IEO ( Initial Exchange Offering ) and you can not afford to miss it. XIZ, the official token of Bitradez will be available to buy through twelve rounds of IEO which will be conducted in a span of twelve months, more or less. This offers an opportunity to participate and be a part of the Bitradez ecosystem with which you can easily multiply the value of your digital asset.

Bitradez is a leading trading platform with high transaction speed. It not only offers a range of API solutions but also strong security and top quality customer support with their belief that the focus on customers is of utmost significance. Their goal is to work towards achieving a total value of 1 Billion USD in its ecosystem within three years of its inception. Having a strong and well-researched plan in place can guarantee success. In the case of Bitradez, they have laid out a strategic plan for the next three years in the following three stages :

Stage 1: Platform Development

Stage 2: Community Development

Stage 3: Community Support

Furthermore, the inception of bitcoin and blockchain technology in the year 2008 gave many lessons for the world to follow and adapt. In no time, affiliate marketing grew and the crypto and network marketing were looked up as a potential combination. Affiliate marketing allows traders to make more and more money by their efforts on expanding the network of users. This is a popular trend adapted by numerous industries and companies to increase their users. It contributes to a company’s profit and popularity for more sign-ups each day. Moreover, referral programs are also seen as an effective way of earning money. Top retailers such as Amazon have used these techniques to sell their products and services globally.

The blockchain industry has also aggressively adapted affiliate marketing to build and develop a reliable branch along with monetary benefits. introduced several attractive affiliate marketing programs for its investors such as appealing commission up to 40% for both 8 levels of IEO and 3 levels of a trading fee to take full advantage of this marketing approach in the crypto market. A win-win situation with benefits for both sides of business sounds tempting for investors to consider.

We can clearly say that there are a number of positive and strong reasons to invest in Bitradez. Whether it is Bitradez’s unique company goals, promising development plan, IEO sale, or the affiliate marketing programs which it has to offer, making it a great return on investment.

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