GM Informatics Introduce $GMCoin to turn Decentralized Business Model into Reality

Bodrum, Turkey, 8 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Decentralization is basically a business model which involves transferring of decision-making power and functions from a single central authority to operating units at different levels within an organization. Factors such as globalization and the volatile macro-economic situation have driven more small and big businesses to adopt that flexible and agile type of governance.

Why Should You Move to a Decentralized Business Model?

According to a recent Deloitte survey, 75% of the respondents who were surveyed stated that they were moving to a more decentralized business structure. More than half of the participants in that survey predict that they will rather shift to a more decentralized business model in terms of decision-making and management.

Data management

When it comes to data management, generally databases are divided in three types:

Centralized data suggests that all data is stored on a single computer. In order to get the required information, you will have to connect to the main computer that is the server.

Decentralized data is not operated by a single central storage. A few servers that are connected will communicate with each other to provide the requested data.

Distributed data does not work with decentralized data silos. All of the nodes (computers) in the network contain information and all users are equal, having equal rights.

GMCoin: Decentralizing Businesses in a better way

GMCoin is the first company to establish a token model developed on the TRON network (TRC10) this vast and practical. It is based on the ITIL and COBIT ITSM principles already designed and ready for its customer launch on the alpha stage

GMCoin allows you to

  • Raise funds
  • Send/Receive Payment
  • Pay compensations/salaries to employees
  • Exploring synergies with other GMCoin unables companies

Benefits of GMCoin decentralized models for the society


With decentralized governance, stakeholders do not have to put their trust in a single authority. Today, we trust corporate and governmental organizations with our most sensitive and personal information and most of the time it seems to be fine.

Nevertheless, there have been plenty of recent examples where our trust has been violated. Vendors and digital platforms shut down, startups are bought or go out of business, social media are selling your data and advertisers follow you around the Internet.

On the flip side, in a well structured decentralized network, you will be able to significantly reduce or even eliminate the need of entrusting and completely relying on third parties to protect your data.

Reliability and Sustainability

With the rise of digital money and crypto currencies, decentralization seems to be viable for better management of our finances. In decentralized networks, if a node goes down, it will not take down the entire network. Ultimately, regardless of how many users come and go, applications remain up and running. If a node goes offline, it generally passes their workload to the other nodes in the network.


It has become common that governments shut down citizens’ access to social media in an attempt to censor reports of what is happening in the country. However, it is far more difficult for them to censor traffic on a peer-to-peer network.

Open systems and verified owners

Everyone can build amazing products and services on top of decentralized networks. Contrary, centralized technology is often closed off and with limited development opportunities. Decentralized networks also allow for ownership adjustment. People who contribute value to the GMCoin decentralized ecosystem receive ownership rights or an economic stake that increases in value as the network grows.

Under the conditions where centralized governance rules, only the company controlling the network receives value as the network grows.

Is it worth buying GMCoin?

One of GMCoin’s most important benefits is that it is built on the Tron Blockchain and reduces users’ risk of volatility. This is because the development team creates its own safe and efficient environment and has a strong team of investors and advisors. Its Project Leader Mehmet Ali Demirci is also the CEO of GM Informatics JSC, the Highest Grade Joint Stock Company is 2009 registered and well known in Turkey since then. GM Informatics JSC maintains 2500+ ITs and is an ISO / IEC 27001 accredited company.

Inshort, GMCoin is supported by a real company and will be adopted by actual businesses and their core ecosystem. What else you need to know before buying any coin, well this is a subject to your own research and investment style. One needs to perform their own research and checks before investing any amount of money. Though cryptocurrencies are risky investment tools, so GMCoin as it is not a security token in anyways.

GMCoin Tokenomics:

  • Symbol: GMCoin
  • Total Supply: 80,000,000 GMCoin
  • Network:Tron (TRC10)
  • Development Team Token: 8,000,000 GMCoin
  • Marketing Activities and Adoption: 6.000.000 GMCoin
  • Internal Sales Distribution: 4,000,000 GMCoin
  • Treasury Reserve: 8,000,000 GMCoin
  • Sales: 54,000,000 GMCoin

How to Participate in GMCoin Private Sales?

There are four ways to buy GMCoin and participate in Private and Public Sales

  • Launchpad
  • Retail Sales (SWAP)
  • Private Sale (Bridge)
  • Last Catch Sale (Teleportation)

Each of them have minimum and maximum buying limitations along with KYC (required in some cases). Participation restricted for the countries; Afghanistan, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria and Tajikistan. Through the Central African Republic, Eritrea, Guinea, Lebanon, Mali, Namibia,Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela, Yemen and the United States residents must check their local laws and regulations prior to buying. More details can be found in the investors presentation of GMCoin.

Token Sales is starting from 9th August 2021, for more information you can join our telegram channel or log on to the official website.

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