London, England, 2nd July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Some of the favourite trades to make according to the broker from Golden-Gate are the over reactions to the insider lock updates. So, what happened what goes through investors’ minds as they are scared to lose more money? They think once this insider lockup happens all the insider’s going to dump their shares on them, the stock price going to go on a huge dump but if you look at historical price movement, this just does not happen.

The broker says that this is essentially the opposite of buy the rumour, sell the news, its sell the rumour, and buy the news. Once this lockup period does happen usually that morning there’s usually panic sell pre market then once market opens everybody loads up on the stock in the stock price goes right back to where it was before. As some of the insider sells some insiders don’t but there’s more buying pressure than selling pressure anyways. If you look at historical chart, you will always see a panic sell leading into these dates and then the dates actually happen it’s always an overreaction. These stocks always bounce back.

Upstart Holdings Inc. (UPST):

They actually had a massive lockup. The broker believes that close at 20% of the shares were able to be sold on this single date. Upstart also ipo’d at $20 per share and on the lock of expiration, the stock was at $120 per share so think about that for a second insider that we’re in this stock likely even cheaper than $20 per share or now of over 600% on their positions. Now that is a lot more than SoFi is but look at their reaction that happened in that morning and actually many traders traded this, bought some at the one 161 and 117 level on that panics zone the pre-market and then once you see one market opened on this lock up expiration date the insiders did not dump and drive the price down, what happened more buyers came in then sellers and the stock price absolutely blasted off in those first few minutes of trading.

Likely insiders sold throughout the day there were a ton of them and they were up a crazy amount like we talked about 600% plus for a lot of those insiders but the stock closed green on the day anyway. Classic, sell the rumours by the news once again.

SoFi :

So, what we’re seeing on SoFi right now is all the panic selling that’s going on. On Friday, this was a huge overreaction so everybody’s panicking about the insider locked up. They think the price is going to go lower. If you read all these social media message boards, if you read to anything about the company, everybody right now is panicking that the insiders are going to dump on them. This literally happens every lockup. There’s always so much fear uncertainty and doubt but guess what happens during all this, all the retail investors get screwed because they panic sell when the stock is already dumping off when the stock prices low. Guess what all the institutions all the hedge funds buy this stock on the overreaction once market open happens the stock goes up even if some insiders do sell drives the price down a tiny bit, it’s still up on the day because everybody is loading up. Once again the overreaction happens and the shares get bought up cheaply and it goes right back to where it was.
Let’s take a look at this stock in depth. Analysts see that a big gap down move on Friday. Analysts talk about it much as these gap downs are huge opportunities because guess what that gap will be filled in the future as long as the company is not a trash company. So far it is a hyper growth company. Analysts think this tip is going to get bought it very easily and that gap will be filled by next week. So far it is way oversold here, it’s getting close to that $18 key level of support. It is at the absolute lowest it’ll go and analysts expect a bounce back starting as soon as Monday morning once market open happens and you can just see how oversold it is on the four hour RSI. It isn’t the low 20s on that indicator.

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