Texas, US, 4th March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Why is digital privacy so hard to manage for so many companies? They need to build a safe box around their data and manage the keys. For digital data, that box is built by software engineers with cryptography knowledge. Unfortunately, companies are struggling to find developers with the necessary skills, and work on data security remains in the backlog of software teams until a data leak or ransomware makes it an emergency.

Today Grapheene is launching a cloud-assisted encryption toolkit, enabling software developers to protect data and privacy without being experts in digital cryptography.

Grapheene founders include veterans of cybersecurity and developer tools. They are on a mission to improve digital privacy by simplifying the use of battle-tested data protection techniques. After talking to many software engineers struggling with data security, they found a way to use the cloud to make modern encryption easy to use.

“We are developers, and we know the pain of trying to protect data and privacy. The learning curve is very steep and improvising in this field makes people very uncomfortable. We made Grapheene so that any developer can secure data with world-class encryption in minutes” said Matt Gagliardo, CTO at Grapheene and former lead engineer at Twilio.

Privacy laws and industry regulations – like GDPR, CCPA, and PCI – are very strict on storing, transferring, and accessing consumers’ personal information. Developers can use Grapheene to encrypt sensitive data, like a form with name, email, or payment information, and make them unreadable by employees with legit access to servers, databases, and backups who are not authorized to see the data. This leads to easier audits, higher consumer trust, and less developer distraction from the core business.

Grapheene provides cloud services and APIs augmented by a software SDK to help developers protect data in an easy way. Companies can lower the cost of development and security audits by adding a few lines of code to their existing applications.

Storing data in an encrypted form protects from data leaks too. When malicious attackers get to seize the company data, they will not be able to use, divulge or sell that information because it’s encrypted and useless.

To help developers get started, Grapheene is available with a free plan and full access to documentation and the SDK source code.

For more information, check the website https://grapheene.com or contact the Grapheene team at [email protected].

About Grapheene

Grapheene is a data security company aiming to help developers and their companies to protect privacy, comply with regulations and minimize the impact of data breaches. The company was founded in 2021 by veterans of cybersecurity, developer tools, and digital consumer products with experience at Twilio, Apple, Sendgrid, GAP. Grapheene is based in Austin, TX with a fully remote team.

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