GraphLinq Launches its Mainnet, Bringing Decentralized Automation to the Next Level

TALLINN, ESTONIA, Feb 21, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, GraphLinq, a decentralized automation platform, has announced the launch of its mainnet, the GraphLinq Chain. The GraphLinq Chain, which is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), has the potential to significantly advance the decentralized automation sector and bring us closer to a decentralized and automated future.

 GraphLinq Chain

Introducing the GraphLinq Chain

The GraphLinq Chain is designed to support the GraphLinq Protocol, as well as other dApps, with its fast, secure, and scalable technology. The native cryptocurrency, GLQ, will be used as gas for transactions on the chain and the GraphLinq IDE & Marketplace. 

What is the GraphLinq Protocol 

At the core of the mainnet is the GraphLinq Protocol, which includes the GraphLinq IDE, Instant Wizard App, Engine, and Marketplace. The GraphLinq IDE is a drag-and-drop, no-code platform for creating and deploying automation, while the Instant Wizard App offers pre-made templates for even easier deployment. 

The Engine executes automation on the GraphLinq Chain, and the Marketplace is a platform for buying, selling, and discovering GLQ templates.

Native Cryptocurrency and Swappable Tokens

The mainnet launch of the GraphLinq Chain introduces the native cryptocurrency, GLQ, which will be used as gas for transactions on the chain and the GraphLinq IDE & Marketplace. 500 Million GLQ tokens will be swappable from the Ethereum chain to the GraphLinq Chain, with 150 Million GLQ introduced to support ecosystem growth and development needs. 

The Regional Distribution and Validator Nodes of the Graphlinq Chain

The GraphLinq Chain has implemented a regional distribution of RPC nodes, providing optimized access for users in different geographic regions for a faster and more reliable user experience. Users can view the status of the chain in real-time at and all transactions can be viewed on the explorer at

As a PoA blockchain, a select group of validators are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the network by validating transactions. In the near future, the network will be opened up to more validators to provide a more decentralized and secure network. Transparency and accountability will be further promoted with the release of an app showcasing the amount of GLQ staked by each validator.

Higher APY and Incentives

For the next few months, the GraphLinq Mainnet will be offering higher APY to incentivize users to join the network. 

Staking on the app will be auto-migrated to the GraphLinq Chain mainnet, and soon the mainnet will provide users with incentives for running a GraphLinq engine locally.

Join GraphLinq in their Journey to Decentralized and Automated Future

The launch of the GraphLinq Chain mainnet is a significant milestone for the decentralized automation community. For detailed information about the network and protocol and staking, visit

Empowering Developers with Decentralized Automation 

The new GraphLinq Chain is unique in its focus on decentralized automation, which empowers developers to execute complex automation without intermediaries, providing enhanced security and trust. Developers can easily migrate existing or new Ethereum-based smart contracts and dApps to the GraphLinq Chain by leveraging EVM compatibility. GLQ’s functionality & use cases will continue to diversify as the ecosystem grows, as mentioned in Graphlinq’s Documentation.

GraphLinq: Using AI to Build Powerful Decentralized Automation Solutions

The GraphLinq Protocol when used with AI with decentralized automation, allows developers to create tailor-made automation tools to streamline business processes and improve operational efficiency. GraphLinq’s drag-and-drop IDE and pre-made templates make it simple for developers to create complex automation workflows. The Engine executes the automation on the GraphLinq Chain, providing developers with an optimal environment for deploying automation. By harnessing the power of AI, GraphLinq enables developers to create sophisticated tools that analyze data, optimize processes, and offer predictive insights, empowering businesses to achieve new levels of efficiency and success. 

Join the GraphLinq Journey Towards a Decentralized and Automated Future

With the launch of the GraphLinq Chain mainnet, GraphLinq is one step closer towards their goal of creating a decentralized and automated future. For more information about the network and protocol, visit Join GraphLinq in THE journey towards a decentralized and automated future!

Published On: February 21, 2023