London, England, 2nd July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – The first half of this year has been quite a volatile patch for some stocks generally and the last year was one of the harshest periods on the stock markets all around the globe. Some stocks went to extreme lows from which a comeback seemed to be next to impossible. After crashing and surviving the stocks finally got back up after the announcement of vaccines being available for people all around the globe. This news came like a breath of fresh air because finally, the investors could see some hope. In the post-pandemic era, many stocks are still struggling to reach the same heights while others have already started showing signs of a promising and bright future. 

Green Tower Investments Analyst says that if the right choices are made right now then the investors can get good returns in the near future. Although the volatility of stocks trading keeps him from giving any definite figures, he can say that these stocks can be great for bank balances. So let’s quickly see what two stocks you need to get your hands on as soon as possible.

Match Group

Maintaining just the right balance between love and work life has never been easy unless you are a multi-tasker who knows very well how to make the right use of time. Match Group has been helping love birds all around the globe maintain that healthy balance. Match Group, is basically an American based, online dating app that was founded in the year 2009 on the 12th of February. The internet and technology company is serving people in more than 50 different countries and can be used in more than 10 different languages.

The firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and in the year 2019, they had around 17000 employees working for the firm to make you meet the one. In 2019 their revenue was worth 2.051 billion US dollars. The online dating service was found by Gary Kremen Peng T. Ong Simon Glinsky and has many subsidiary companies such as Match Group Holdings II, LLC, Meetic and many more.

Match Group is the pioneer when it comes to online dating apps and one of its best-known products is none other than Tinder. Tinder is currently the highest-grossing Dating app worldwide. However, it is not only Tinder that works in this domain, the firm holds 4 of the 10 top online dating platforms in terms of the revenue generated.

Unlike most stocks, this one did a great job in the pandemic, because most of us were locked up and our movements were restricted, dating became hard for most. This was why particular spikes were seen in the number of users in the quarters following Covid’s emergence.

Many of you must be thinking that with the vaccine the worth of this stock will go down but the latest quarterly reports reject it. Only because the services reached a wider audience, we have seen a rise in revenue. The revenue grew by 17% also, the sales growth has significantly got better. It has also been reported by the management recently that the engagement on Tinder has crossed the pre-pandemic levels. 

CRISPR Therapeutics

The next stock which has been picked by Expert Analyst is the one that belongs to the biotechnology industry. CRISPR Therapeutics is a Swiss- American firm that was founded in the year 2013 by Emmanuelle Charpentier. The firm is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and has around 304 employees working to bring forward solutions to complex biological problems.

The firm has many subsidiary companies which have a significant market share themselves. Some of these are Casebia Therapeutics, CRISPR Therapeutics, Inc, and CRISPR Therapeutics Limited. The firm has been making gene-based medicines to make the lives of patients who are suffering from fatal diseases better. Biologists regard it as a company that is revolutionary in terms that it allows very precise edits to take place in the genomic DNA. In the year 2019, the firm had a net income worth 46.74 million US dollars and its total assets were worth 1.607 billion US dollars  

The company shares have gone up by 8% in the past few days and it is expected to get better because they are almost ready to enter a collaboration with Capsida Biotherapeutics to improve the quality and broaden the horizon of research to develop better techniques that can treat the complex disorders even more effectively.

If the plans and projects are executed then it can be easily said that this stock can support the stock traders in the best possible ways. If you believe in the wonders science can work when it comes to the treatment of diseases that were previously tagged incurable then you should look into this one.

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