Ground Breaking: Dj 3lau’s Royal App Has Competition With the Surface of Buy Buy Music

Let’s Dive Right In! 

Sacramento, California, 29th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, In recent months, the announcement of DJ 3Lau’s pre-launched company ‘Royal’, landed on some of the biggest media outlets. A music platform where fans can invest into their favorite artists and share their success. While anyone coming across that major announcement, would see the brilliance and magnitude of possibilities that such a vision would lead to. It is now apparent that the overall vision was being shared by others. 

Competition or Investor Options? 

Recording Artist Paul Brown, musically knows as “itsPaulBrown” may be the first to fully launch their vision as a CEO, with the birth of Buy Buy Music. While the clever choice of name carries somewhat of a self-explanatory meaning, there are differences identified at face value between the two. For investors, this could simply mean options. 

Differences Between Royal & Buy Buy Music? 

Whereas Royal focuses on ‘Tokenizing’ as its method for users to invest, along with the implementation of NFT ability. Buy Buy Music screams to those that have no idea what Cryptocurrency, Tokenization and NFT mean nor do. It’s a rather simplified approach in effort to not leave anyone out from experiencing the making of history in the world of music.

Official Launch Date?

There has not been an official launch date announced by neither company. With Royal being in its pre-launched phase and giving the public updates on findings along the way. Buy Buy Music’s online doors are completely closed but giving early access to selective parties across specific channels. 

So, What Are We Buying Into & How Do We Make Money? 

As music converted from tangible products to being completely streamed. The revenue shifted from the proceeds of sales transactions, to digital streaming platforms generating their revenue from paid advertisements and subscriptions. With this new form of captured revenue, Record Labels and Recording Artists are then paid by the stream. Buy Buy Music offers the public the ability to purchase a ‘Digital Shared Ownership’ where individuals buy themselves into sharing the streaming revenue with the Music Creator – turning a fan of an artist, into a sense of partnership. A Digital Shared Ownership is more than a Stock, it is a residual; for life. 

 What Does This Mean for The Music Industry? 

While the idea sparks a wide range of speculation, theoretically it could lead to some major changes. Giving fans of music a financial incentive to personally listen and share the songs they have digital shared ownership in, to friends and family. We could expect a spike in traffic activity amongst Music Streaming Platforms. This would mean more revenue for the Music Creators and Digital Shared Owners. In essence, the profits could shift from Record Labels to a point that it could be questioned whether Record Labels are needed anymore. From an investor standpoint, if an investor holds a ‘DSO’ (Digital Shared Ownership) in 5,000 songs – At what point would an intellectual property collection begin to be viewed as valuable as retirement plans? 

“I envision a time where personal music playlists will turn into music catalogs that generate transferable wealth that can be passed down through generations”An empowering statement made by CEO and Music Creator itsPaulBrown. 

After the heavy impact that The Covid-19 Pandemic has had on the Music Industry, the light at the end of the tunnel may have just arrived. The innovation being rolled out should be viewed as nothing less than ‘Revolutionary’ to the music and investing world. 

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Published On: November 29, 2021