Hair Extensions of Houston Recommends High-Quality Hair Products That Help Protect Natural Hair and Extensions in Houston, Texas

A Texas-based full-service salon talks about premium hair care products to protect your hair and extensions.

Houston, TX, 24th August 2022, ZEXPRWIREHair Extensions of Houston is a well-established full-service hair salon houston, that works on providing premium quality hair extensions and services to their esteemed clients in Houston. They have expanded their services by offering top-quality products that can help foster better and healthier natural hair and extensions.

According to several studies, 80 % of women age rapidly between the ages of mid-thirties and sixties. A crucial contributor to the fading appearance would be the deteriorating health of natural hair and the poor up-keep of hair extensions. In order to look young and their appropriate age, many women have to opt for hair transformation services across the globe. While people are actively accepting of change, they still want their look-related grievances met with top-notch services. While Hair Extensions of Houston offers premium quality extension services, the women in the relevant industry are looking for a little more.

In addition to their hair extension services, they recommend some of the best hair care products. The Kevin Murphy products available on their website use natural botanicals instead of harmful sulfate and silicones.

In reference to the hair care products on their website, one of their representatives stated the following, “With the help of our recommended products, you will be able to protect and nurture your natural hair. But that’s not all; these products give you the liberty to tend to the extensions as well. The products are curated with extreme care, ensuring that all harmful chemicals such as sulfate and silicone are left out. Whether you use the Kevin Murphy Repair Me line or the Hydrate Me Wash and Rise duos, you are guaranteed to get healthier, softer, and young-looking hair! Each of these products uses natural botanicals to give you an all-natural solution to all your hair worries.”

The exclusive recommended hair care products include but are not limited to oil treatments, non damaging hair extensions, primers for color sealing, damage prevention, and healthy hair; hair washes formulated for long-lasting moisture; and custom-made hair brushes and combs.

About Hair Extensions of Houston

Looking for hair salon in Houston TX ? Brenda McLeod has been in the cosmetologist and beauty industry for over thirty years, and she brings her experience and love for her art to the full-service salon. The salon offers a range of services, including installing and maintaining hair extensions, coloring and styling extensions, and natural hair. For more information on the business, take a look at the contact information given below.

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Published On: August 24, 2022