Hi-Rise Coin (HRC) Releases Whitepaper Detailing Token Rewards and Distribution

Antwerp,BELGIUM, 30 March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Hi-Rise Coin (HRC), a binate reward deflationary token, has released its whitepaper, highlighting the project details. According to the document, $HI-RISE runs on BNB Chain and offers dual rewards (USDT and HI-RISE) for every buy/sell transaction.

Hi-Rise Coin (HRC) uses a proprietary distribution system for the fees it collects from by/sell transactions. For instance, it automatically sends 10% to the liquidity pool to support the token’s stable price growth. Additionally, it sends 5% of the fees to the marketing wallet. Lastly, it uses 2% for buyback and burning.

Additionally, HRC enables holders to earn 3% in USDT, and 5% in $HI-RISE from every buy/sell transaction. The team comments on the token’s nature in the whitepaper:

“$HI-RISE is a long-term project, and one of the reasons to buy and hold this coin is its extensive auto liquidity and team’s energetic work to ensure all investors have their money grow.”

Lastly, Hi-Rise has an anti-whale mechanism that guarantees no user’s sale order exceeds 0.125% of the total $HI-RISE supply. This feature will help users have better control over their assets and prevent price manipulation for large holders (whales).

About Hi-Rise Coin (HRC)

Hi-Rise Coin is a deflationary token running on BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain). The project has obtained private doxxing on PinkSale and a successful smart contract audit from Tech Audit. The development team includes technology, security, cryptography, and finance experts.

Hi-Rise Coin plans to develop a dApp, which will enable users to buy and sell with gas-less fees. This means they will not have to pay anything for trading their $HI-RISE tokens through their decentralized application.

For more information on Hi-Rise Coin (HRC) and its features, please follow the links below:

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Published On: March 30, 2022