Holdstation Account Abstraction Wallet Successfully Secures $3 Million in Community Subscription Launch

Singapore, 28th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Holdstation, a Smart Contract Wallet for Futures Trading on zkSync, recently celebrated the success of its $HOLD Public Sale on 24th November.

Boasting a low-emission tokenomics, sustainable real-yield model, and recent Matter Labs Account Abstraction grants, the project has demonstrated strength in fee generation and launch statistics, securing a prominent position on the blockchain.

Launch Statistics:

Over 3,300 participants in the $HOLD token subscription model.
There were 2,500 $ETH committed in the public sale, marking a total value raised of over $5,4M.
With the Hard Cap of 1500 $ETH, the launchpad is concluded with a 72% overcap. This excess amount will be returned to the participants at TGE.

These stats reflect the trust within the Holdstation community and emphasize the project’s commitment to fairness. The application of AA technology and the adoption of PerpDEX are now in the right direction, supported by strong community backing.

Furthermore, adopting real yield and the community-driven subscription model underscores the sustainable aspect of $HOLD tokenomics, offering tangible returns for long-term investors.

What makes $HOLD different?

Holdstation’s governance token, $HOLD, unlocks a range of benefits for users, including:

Real-Yield Distribution: 40% to vault stakers, 40% to $HOLD holders, and 20% to the project treasury for sustainable growth.

Gas Fee Discounts: Pay with $HOLD for a -30% fee discount, and stake $HOLD for up to 40% off trading fees.

Buy Back & Burn: Quarterly held to reduce token emissions, enhancing overall value.

HOLD Governance: Participate in DAO voting, sharing incentive rewards with $HOLD holders.

Launchpad Privilege: Exclusive benefits for $HOLD stakers, with a dedicated 2% token allocation in upcoming launchpad projects.

With 40% of fees directed back to the community through $HOLD and a range of use cases contributing to the project’s sustainability, $HOLD presents a solid proposition for long-term viability and growth.

Innovations and Developments Ahead

Looking beyond the launch, Holdstation is poised to introduce a suite of features and services that aim to reshape the DeFi landscape:

Brokerage Trading Module: The improvement of this module aims to provide advanced trading options, catering to both novice and experienced traders, with features like high-leverage options and a variety of asset classes.

Trading Bot & Signal Bot: Offering automated trading and signal bots to assist traders in making informed decisions, leveraging advanced algorithms for market analysis and trade execution.

Enhanced Paymaster & Smart Wallet Suite: Upcoming features in the Paymaster and Smart Wallet suite will offer users more flexibility, security, and convenience, further bridging the gap between decentralized and centralized finance.

Secure Authentication Tools: Introducing QR codes for secure authentication and WalletConnect will provide users with an added layer of security and ease of use.

Native zkSync Launchpad: An innovative platform that supports and launches new projects within the zkSync ecosystem, facilitating seamless integration and growth.

Account Abstraction and zkSync’s Hyperchain: A Noteworthy Fusion

The combination of Account Abstraction with zkSync’s hyperchain is poised to make changes to the DeFi space. Holdstation is actively involved in this evolution, allowing traders to execute high-speed trades on its perpetual platform on zkSync. This integration aims to offer a seamless and consistent trading experience on the Hyperchain, resembling the user-friendly interfaces found in centralized exchanges or Web2.

Final Thoughts

The $HOLD token, complete listing on 27th November on Bitget & SyncSwap, signifies the beginning of Holdstation’s journey. Committed to innovation, user-centricity, and community growth, the project aims to meet and exceed user expectations, establishing itself as a cornerstone within the zkSync network. With $HOLD at its core, Holdstation creates a moment that becomes a reference point for future projects.

The hype surrounding $HOLD’s launch echoes its role as a liquidity hub for the zkSync Era, heralding the next GMX moment and attracting a wider user base to the ecosystem. The journey continues, and the DeFi revolution has just begun.

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Published On: November 28, 2023