Chicago, IL, 5th Sept 2021, ZEXPRWIREWinter is right around the corner, and this means the family radiator will be working.  The chances of someone burning themselves on a radiator are unfortunately high and all too common.  There is a new solution on the horizon that will provide a degree of safety and protection.

Ready Covers LLC are interlocking tiles that can connect at 90 degree angles to cover almost any home radiator.  Each tile is designed to allow heat to dissipate safely but remain cool to the touch – perfect for small hands and accidental touches.

Ready Covers are also great for any large, bulky item you would like covered.  Use the interlocking, attractively designed pieces to cover anything from laundry baskets to storage boxes and everything in between.

Each order of Ready Covers comes in 10, 30 or 50 pieces and are available in white or charcoal.  Colors can be mixed and matched for a unique look and effect.

Ready Covers are sold exclusively through  Learn more about Ready Covers, or order at the e-store.  

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