Torcy, Île-de-France, 18th Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Memecoins are not new in the world of cryptocurrency. The most famous are Dogecoin which was  created in 2013 as a joke and Shiba Inu which was created in 2020. They have seen a lot of price action  and massive gains since their creation. It can be confidently said that meme coins are now part and  parcel of the cryptocurrency world and definitely have come to stay. Those that initially wrote them off  have been left disappointed. As the name suggests, meme coins are simply cryptocurrency assets that  are obsessed with a meme. Dogs are a popular choice of pets and the theme of dogs within meme coins  are widely accepted by investors, and popular cryptocurrency exchanges have proceeded to recognize  this by listing them. Therefore, the HORGI token is a meme coin based on the horgi dog which is a mixed  breed of dog. Even though they are small in stature, they are known to be loyal, intelligent, full of  energy and playful. The HORGI token aims to mirror the attributes of this incredibly cute breed of dog.  HORGI is the latest dog-themed memecoin on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a 100% community driven  memecoin. The community is an integral part of the HORGI token project. 

Mission & Vision 

Our mission is to create a widely accepted, popular and valuable tokenized asset; we aim to offer a new  and reliable cryptocurrency in the form of the HORGI token. We also aim to provide a platform where  investors enjoy the benefits of NFTs staking and locked liquidity. With transparent and secure  transactions, a vibrant and active community that creates value, we aim to build a brand through which  the investors enjoy a lot of returns. HORGI token is a meme coin that has a revolutionary ecosystem of dog-themed NFTs. Our token ensures the maintenance of privacy, security, power, and autonomy. 


HORGI ecosystem is based on the three important features which are NFTS staking, locked liquidity, and  a vibrant community 

NFTs Staking 

Further down the roadmap, the HORGI NFTs would be released with a staking feature. Our NFT  holders will be able to stake them for rewards. The staking platform will be audited and SAFU  (Secure Asset Fund for Users). This is politely one of the safest and ecofriendliest methods of  gaining passive income in cryptocurrency. The HORGI NFTs staking will become another way of  making gains just by holding the precious NFT while the value continues to increase over time. If  you’re a lover of NFTs and interested in earning a passive income by holding and staking them,  this is the place to be. 

Locked Liquidity 

Liquidity is locked by giving up the control of liquidity pool (LP) tokens for a specific period of  time by sending them to a time-lock smart contract. Without control of LP tokens, developers  cannot take out liquidity pool funds. A liquidity locker is a SAFU measure that insures against  

malicious acts by denying developers the ability to access the LP funds. The HORGI token LP lock  link can be found on the website. 

Vibrant Community 

The importance of a vibrant and active community in any successful cryptocurrency project 

cannot be overemphasized. The price of any token is directly proportional to the level of  involvement and activity of the community behind it. HORGI token has a tightknit community  that is constantly engaging to ensure the success of the project. As the community grows and  expands, the more valuable the HORGI brand becomes. In this project, a lot of effort is made on  community engagement. This is the only way to ensure acceptability and massive price gains of  the token. 

Benefits of Horgi 


One of the most important features of the HORGI token is that it is driven by its fun-loving and active  community of meme coin lovers. Our energetic and ebullient community members are ever-ready to  support activities that add value to the brand, making HORGI one of the best dogthemed meme tokens  in the crypto space.  

Multichain Bridges 

As stated in the roadmap, there is availability of bridges to other networks like ETH, FTM and POLYGON.  This opens up the token to investors on other networks ensuring a steady inflow of new investors and  upward price action. Also, the maximum amount per wallet is 3% of total supply and the maximum  transaction amount is limited to 1% of the total supply which is 1 billion tokens. This vital anti whale/anti-dump feature guarantees that the token’s price cannot be easily manipulated.  

Secure And Safe  

Another essential feature of the HORGI token is that its smart contract has been verified, and the  liquidity is locked. It is beneficial that it has a fast and secure ecosystem, and the risk is zero for the  investors. This keeps the community protected from potential bad actors. 

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