The team of pool removal specialists is all geared up to help people of Houston get rid of their pools and restore their backyards to their previous might

Houston, TX, 19th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Every homeowner wants a pool at the back of the house but when its upkeep expenses start disrupting their budget, they understand why so many people get rid of theirs. Moreover, as the pool starts to age, it loses its shine and starts to look dull. Unless a hefty amount is spent on tile replacement, pump replacement, and basin recoat, it’ll only bring down the financial value of the property. This is another reason why many homeowners choose to have their pools removed. The good thing is, people of Houston have their own pool removal and demolition experts – Houston Pool Removal Pros.

Houston Pool Removal Pros is an experienced team of professionals who offer pool demolition, and removal including full and partial pool removal. They have a highly trained staff, equipped with the right tools and equipment to allow them to work with any kind of pool – no matter the type of construction material. Their Houston Texas pool demolition and removal service allows Texans to transform their backyard into a beautiful and safe space for their children. 

The company specializes in pool demolition services for both in-ground and above the ground pools. The former ones require a different and more technical approach. The pool needs to be drained, the bottom needs to have holes drilled into it, the top has to be destroyed and then the hollow area needs to be filled. The latter one is easier as only draining is needed, the pool can then be torn down and hauled away.

The skilled technicians at Houston Pool Removal Pros are well-versed in removing and demolishing both types of pools without compromising the safety and integrity of the backyard. With 30+ years of experience, they know how to keep the yard looking beautiful by making it look as if the pool never existed.

Their pool cleaning services are affordable and tailored to fit every budget. Furthermore, once they’re done with their magic, they will thoroughly clean the worksite to ensure there’s no debris or mud left behind. Houston Texas Pool Removal Company is available on a 24-hour basis, so their experts can be called at any time of the day.

“We’ve never left any custom unsatisfied with our service – our work ethic doesn’t allow us to leave the property without putting a smile on our clients’ faces. That’s the reason why we are the #1 choice of Texans and we intend to keep it that way”

-Jay Smith (CEO)

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Houston Pool Removal Pros is one of the leading companies in Texas, serving the residents and businesses of Houston and surrounding areas. They offer safe and eco-friendly pool demolition, removal, and site restoration services.

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