How On-Chain IP Rights Marketplaces Manifest a New Creator Economy

SF, United States, 9th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Copyright infringement is a major issue. It’s only right that the creators of a work are fairly rewarded for producing it. However, IP rights management through traditional systems is an expensive and ineffectual legal headache. By consecrating IP rights on chain, and distributing content exclusively through a decentralised video and storage network, then rights infringement will be a thing of the past. That’s what TheAlly, with its IP rights management network Righstfually, is aiming to do.

How Rights Management Opens Up Access to Content

This doesn’t mean that suddenly content is locked up behind walled gardens with limited access. Quite the opposite. By having a fully functioning and liquid IP rights secondary marketplace on-chain, access to content will be broadened significantly. Not every content creator wants to charge for access to their content, or cares about others using their content. Thousands of creators give away their stuff for free everyday in hope of getting a fraction of the ad revenue it generates for a centralised provider. 

No, content creators and filmmakers just want to have better control over their content and earn a larger portion of the revenue a piece of work does earn, rather than having their revenue leaked through IP theft, illicit distribution, and unintended access. What’s more, creating a seamless, frictionless rights marketplace creates fantastic opportunities for revenue growth. 

How Rights Management Boosts Creative Economies

Why? Because it creates opportunities for transactions that would never have occurred previously. It creates a whole new revenue source for the industry. Currently, if a filmmaker wants to use content from another film in their own work, it’s a complicated mess trying to secure those rights – to the extent that it isn’t even worth it. The legal roadblocks, expensive lawyer fees, and even finding the right person is all hassle a creator could do without. 

Thus, often they don’t bother, and the transaction never occurs. As a side effect, some fantastic project that would have been elevated through mixing in someone else’s content may be forever lost, an idea that could never come to fruition. Yet in every sense massive economic activity is lost. Both sides want the transaction, but it can’t occur – it’s too difficult. By creating a seamless rights marketplace, these transactions can occur in a few easy clicks, leading to greater economic and creative output at a fraction of the cost.

What Rights Management Gives All Types of Creators

Creators who previously would either have accepted they could never control their rights, never cared about their rights anyway, or who spent fortunes trying to ineffectively protect them, now all have easy access to a total rights and revenue management platform where they can track the lifecycle of their content through a suite of web3 APIs and total content distribution channel through Rightsfually

Creators who couldn’t control their rights so far, can instantly be in control now. Those who never cared can suddenly monetise (or not) the rights to their content and benefit when their work is used by other creators and they become central to the new culture, with the original work always credited and tracked to source. 

And those who spend a fortune protecting their rights no longer have to.  Their content is now securely distributed through the decentralised TheAlly network with them having access to granular control of their content distribution. The rights are in the form of NFTs that provide access to content, track revenue, and manifest their rights on-chain.

How TheAlly Provides On-Chain Content Distribution

TheAlly already has many creators on their network, ranging from film festivals, education companies, Youtubers, indie filmmakers, influencers, distributors, film libraries and much more besides. They are taking advantage of decentralised, distributed storage and the ability to own a platform they have complete control over. 

Access to their content is gated through NFTs that they can either sell, give away for free, or award as prizes for competitions, but they can leverage the blockchain to transfer rights to their audiences, create unique and exclusive access to upcoming content, and engage in micro-distribution with their community, taking advantage of the tokenized architectures of web3 to create more fluid, localised content economies.

TheAlly as Access Point to Web3 will have a complete suite of community engagement tools and will be open-source and non-custodial for anyone to build their own application. You can still build your own video platform and manage the rights associated with that platform ( at fractional cost, superseding the inefficient web2 systems and their broken distribution models. With TheAlly, creators can manage their content, data, and services all by themselves, and have complete ownership over the revenue that their content earns, who shares in that revenue, and where their rights currently reside – all completely on-chain. 

Through TheAlly network, individual users will also be able to share, screen, request, connect, watch content, and provide services. TheAlly will act as an intimate experience that serves as a single connection point to all a creator’s activities in web3 and the film distribution industry as a whole.

Your Ally in the New Creator Economy

Web3 is fundamentally reevaluating how we build the systems on which our modern life runs. Video distribution and rights management is no different. With tools like TheAlly and Rightsfually, the blockchain can lead to safer, fairer, more professional, more transparent, and more trustworthy financial and social systems that also boost economic activity due to the frictionless asset-transfer environments they create. That is what web3 is – it just needs the tools to do it. is exactly that tool – a complete content distribution network on-chain backed up by pristine rights management that gives creators ownership and control over everything they create. It’s not a dream, it’s reality – is almost here.

Published On: February 9, 2023