How to learn English from films?

Kyiv, Ukraine, 26th July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Studying should be interesting so that you have a desire to study further. It is for this reason that more and more people are interested in how to learn English from films. The issue of learning English is now very relevant, while many people prefer to use affordable and fun methods. And watching movies in the original language is just one of those.

Pros of learning English from movies

  • Watching interesting movies, you learn and at the same time have fun.
  • You hear and remember how words are pronounced correctly.
  • The vocabulary is expanding. From films, you learn unfamiliar words, including highly specialized ones. For example, if you are a medical professional and want to improve your professional English, medical films are ideal for you.
  • You learn to perceive English by ear. This helps in communication, and also allows you to quickly overcome the language barrier.
  • You are developing correct speech.
  • You can improve your conversational English
  • You learn slang and colloquial forms of words. In textbooks, it is rare to find slang words, abbreviated forms of words or colloquial expressions that English-speaking people use in everyday life.
  • You immerse yourself in the culture of another country, get acquainted with its traditions and holidays, and begin to understand the mentality more.

What films are suitable for learning English?

When choosing a movie to watch in its original language, consider your own tastes and interests. Choose not only British but also American films. The question “How to learn Russian by watching movies” may also arise, the Soviet Movies Online service will help you solve it, its convenience is that all the films are in one place and you do not need to look for different media services. They use only high-quality translations, which will definitely create a comfortable environment when watching a movie. The best option are films that you have already seen and reviewed before.

Methods of learning English from films

Here are some simple tips that will make your learning useful and interesting:

  • Listen actively and don’t get distracted by other things. Try to plunge into the atmosphere of the picture, carefully listening to every word of the characters.
  • Use English subtitles to not only hear English words, but also know how to spell them. When you hear an English phrase and read it at the same time, then two channels of perception are activated at the same time.
  • Write down all new and unfamiliar words. After watching the movie, disassemble and memorize them all.
  • Repeat after the characters. This way you will develop the correct pronunciation. Pay attention not only to the pronunciation of individual words or phrases, but also to the general intonation of the sentence. Try to copy the pronunciation of the characters as accurately as possible.
  • Revisit moments you don’t understand. If necessary, use the slow down function, viewing these moments at a speed of 0.5 or 0.75.
  • Watch the movie at least 2-3 times.
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