How to Tokenize Your Assets

Asset Tokenization is Empowering any Asset to Leverage its Value into a Globally-Recognized Currency

If you’ve heard about asset tokenization, you’re not alone. In fact, no one would be surprised if you’ve heard the term asset tokenization or the phrase ‘tokenize your assets’ ad nausea over the last few years.

The truth is, new asset tokenization packages and options have emerged quickly to meet up with demand. Why? Businesses and projects are looking to leverage their assets and help them act like commodities and currencies as those assets grow in value; empowering millions in operating capital, equity and profit.

Need some clarification? Tokenization is the digitalization of any asset with real-world value through blockchain. From real estate to software, land, art, trademarks, intellectual property, and more, tokenization gives you the ability to sell pieces of your assets using digital tokens to prospective investors—and, in exchange for their tokens, your investors will share equity in any kind of offering or fiat currency you stipulate at the time of exchange.

But, how do you get started. As the aforementioned rush of asset tokenization is upon us, one entity has streamlined the process of setting up your assets for tokenization better than anyone else across the marketplace: TokenMinds.

TokenMinds offers the asset tokenization funding support you need to leverage your innovative blockchain appropriation, and setup you need to tokenize your assets. Best of all, TokenMinds has a suite of three packages, including different features with different price points to fit any budget.

The Seychelles Tokenization Package from TokenMinds gives you the standard essentials you need to setup your asset tokenization. TokenMinds will tokenize your assets via a Seychelles incorporation, deploy tokenization shares to all investors, and follow closely with daily project support, and a built-in smart company dashboard filled with features that will help you engage across the market.

The Wyoming Tokenization Package provides all of the above, with Wyoming Tokenization incorporation—and at an even higher level, the Singapore Tokenization Package involves all the aforementioned services and benefits with a Singapore Company Incorporation; offering more flexibility for asset tokenization than ever.

By going through the process of tokenization, you will have versatility across secondary markets, which will bolster the inherent value of your assets and their equitable liquidity. At the same time, thousands of new traders leveraging the value of tokens will open your assets to high value simply by the ease of investment.

So, the choice is yours as to how you want to tokenize your assets. The result set of benefits include an increase in your capital reserves, fluid liquidity, streamlined transactions, and as the market evolves, you will be able to freely trade your tokens openly. Right now, you can legally trade and convert your tokens into currencies like the USD and other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies across unregulated marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms.

As an example, even your entire company can be treated like an asset—as a legal entity that owns whatever asset you deem to be valuable, and your investors can invest in tokens that, in sum, represent the forecasted value of your entire company and its underlying assets.

Tokenize your assets and leverage the value and equitable growth of your company and what it owns. TokenMinds makes the process affordable, scalable, and simple. Learn more by going online to

Published On: April 8, 2020